Jail Time for Teens Not Doing Their Homework?

Students beware failure to do homework could land them in serious trouble if they are already there. One teenager by the name of Grace has refused to do her homework while serving time for crimes she has committed.

With her refusal to do her schoolwork came a violation of probation. This means Judge Mary Ellen Brennan will have the benefit of staying longer at the Detroit juvenile detention center.

The sad issue for this young lady is more than just not doing her schoolwork. The system is failing her because they are not reaching her heart or helping to solve the real issue of why Grace is not doing her work. There is a larger underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

The teen is being identified as Grace. Her hopes of getting out of the detention center so she could live the lazy life was destroyed when the judge denied her release.

School matters and if she needs the support to at least finish high school, then jail is the place to be. It is a fine line to walk with the development of a teen that has no support at home. There are times when drastic intervention is needed.

But the matter of the heart and solving the problems that drive the lack of involvement to learn needs to be addressed. It is not that Grace is not making progress, it is more that she still has a lot to learn beyond the textbook.

Judge Brennan stated to Grace that “I think you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are blooming there, but there is more work to be done.” The work that needs to be done should be to help Grace get her life back on track.

Grace is like every other teenager that is having trouble making it to adulthood. She was incarcerated for theft and then fighting with her mother. She was taken into custody and placed in the center to serve her time for her crimes.

Her probation included that she must complete her coursework online, but she was skipping the work and not getting it done. This is why she has to stay in the center.

Reports show that she has ADHD which is used by many professionals to excuse away a child’s behavior and lack of motivation. An ADHD child is often hyperactive and seems to have a problem paying attention.

The truth behind ADHD children is that what the world calls a problem is seen by the child as a strength. They just need the right motivation and support to draw on that energy and the right atmosphere to focus that energy on their learning style.

All the kids around the country breathe a sigh of relief as the judge would state that “She was not detained because she didn’t turn her homework in. She was detained because I found her to be a threat of harm to her mother based on everything I knew.”

Her past crimes had deemed her a threat to the family, so she was being held because of her probation violation.

People will protest anything. Grace was being protested and the people were demanding her release. But they fail to see that it would do her more harm than good to be put out on the streets.

All of the protestors were her friends from school. Grace must serve her time and finish all of her probation.

Her caseworker is pushing for another three and a half months at the center. Grace has stepped up and started her work, but this time around it is too late. The court caseworker is Ashley Bishop.

She has stated that “They have made significant progress. In speaking with mom, she reports they have been able to communicate much better, [Grace)] is more self-aware, she is more serious, she is more thoughtful.”

When an ADHD child or teen is put into a positive atmosphere they will flourish. Once it is taken away they will fall back into the slump. Grace maintains that she is ready to return home.

But to make it there she has to have the right focus and spirit consistently and not just at the end. She will now have to wait until September to find out her fate. Which will only help her be a better person in the end.