Jen Psaki Jokes That Russia Sanctioned President Biden’s Deceased Father


Russia is taking significant steps to bypass the sanctions that have been placed on them in recent days. They are also fighting back against the nations that placed the sanctions on them. Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia will now sanction Joe Biden and many others that work with him because of their role in the sanctions of Russia.

The announcement seems strange, but each high-level official has ties to businesses in Russia. But the seriousness was shoved off as the White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki took to the camera to make light of a severe situation. And in her response, she is seen laughing at the prospect and alluding to the point that the Russians are trying to sanction people in the United States.

Putin’s announcement shows how much contempt he has for the old man. He is willing to put legal bindings on the president, so he cannot do much. Or at least when he tries to do things related to his Russian connections.

But Psaki’s response to Weijia Jiang’s, a CBS News White House correspondent, a statement about the Biden sanctions by Russia. Psaki could say, “I would first note that President Biden is a junior so that they may have sanctioned his dad, may he rest in peace. The second piece I would say is that it won’t surprise any of you that none of us are planning tourist trips to Russia, none of us have bank accounts that we won’t be able to access, so we will forge ahead.”

Her response shows the lack of seriousness the White House is taking the war. There is no doubt that Putin is speaking about the living version of Joe Biden. He errored in naming the man in a legal document, but the sanctions will still hold and affect the financial holdings of many of the people.

It may be true that Psaki and the rest of Washington are not planning a trip to Russia. The chosen few will find out just how devious Putin and his people can be when it comes time to battle Biden and his team. Psaki could mock the man’s announcement instead of giving an intelligent response.

The Democratic Party thinks that the war is a big joke and festival that they can use politically. Hillary Clinton chimed in and thanked Putin for sanctioning her the way he did. She counted it a great honor to be worthy of such sanctions.

Russia would go on to sanction other international leaders. The Daily Wire reported that Canada had the same thing done to its leaders. It was also reported that it was said, “Justin, can you imagine you and your children hearing all these severe explosions, the bombing of the airport, the bombing of the Ottawa airport?” Zelensky said, speaking directly to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Cruise missiles are falling down and your children are asking you ‘What happened?’”

The president of Ukraine wrote this letter to the Canadian Prime Minister to help him understand the horrors that people are living with every day. Putin has finally attacked other nations by attacking their leaders. And all the Democrats can do is joke it off. Putin has declared war on the world, and the lousy liberals are content to stand by and do nothing about it.

President Zelensky of Ukraine is pleading with international leaders to step up and bring more than financial support to the country. A worldwide push back against Russia is needed to stop them from moving forward with more attacks once the Ukrainian front has been established. But since the Democrats are not taking the war seriously, they have missed much of the warning signs that Putin will wage war on a more strategized front.

The evil leaders around the world know that their time is short. The Republican Party is about to assume control of much of the government, which will mean doom for those nations that want to engage in illegal warfare.