Joe Rogan Explains Why Bernie Fans Will Vote for Trump

A few months ago, all the nation could talk about was the upcoming November presidential election. However, in the wake of the coronavirus that is now ravaging our country and the world, it has all but been forgotten. At least for most of us.

But for Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, the subject is never far from their minds. As of right now, the election is still scheduled to be held in November, and state primaries are still happening as planned, with social distancing policies added, of course.

The question is: will they last much longer?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is already on a slope that can only be defined as downward, as Biden has won primary after early primary. Many, including those in Bernie’s campaign, say there is no hope of recovery unless Biden suddenly drops out. And we all know that is highly unlikely unless, God forbid, he gets infected with the coronavirus.

And that is precisely why several within the Sanders’ camp are pushing for the self-proclaimed socialist to drop out, ending on a good note and his dignity somewhat still intact.

The Washington Post reports, “A small group of Bernie Sanders’s top aides and allies – including his campaign manager and his longtime strategist – have encouraged the independent senator from Vermont to consider withdrawing from the presidential race, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.”

And the more Sanders suffers, as Biden wins these primaries, the more he is likely to listen to that advice.

“Beyond Shakir and Jayapal, longtime strategist Jeff Weaver has privately made the case that exiting the race more quickly and on good terms with Biden would give Sanders more leverage in the long run, according to one of the people; the other said Weaver has used a light touch in presenting his case.”

Those close to the drama of the campaign, or lack thereof at the moment, say Wisconsin’s primary just might be the deciding factor. If Biden wins, as he is expected to, Sanders will likely take his leave.

Wisconsin is a state that Sanders won in 2016 against Hillary, and by more than 15 points. But this year, and against Biden, the odds of a win are much slimmer.

But many are predicting a win for Biden against Bernie will be a loss against Trump in the general election.

Typically, in a political election of just about any kind, when candidates drop out, their followers choose to support the most similar candidate in their party. And with only one candidate being left in the Democratic Party if Sanders withdraws, logic would say that Biden would get their votes.

However, this isn’t your typical election, and certainly not your typical candidates. And this means things just might not play out in your typical fashion.

For starters, Bernie Sanders is about as far left as they come to his party. And while still being in that same party, Biden is nearly on the opposite end of the spectrum. In fact, very few of the two men’s proposed policies line up anywhere near the others.

And those differences have caused quite a crevice in the party. If Sanders drops out, it’s likely those who strongly supported him won’t vote at all, considering Biden a pushover and Trump as an abomination.

However, Sanders’ fan Joe Rogan has another idea. According to him, Biden’s brain is so far gone that there is no way he could actually do the job. So voting for him is out of the question. And that leaves Trump.

Rogan told the managing director of Thiel Capital Eric Weinstein, “I’d rather vote for Trump than (Biden). I don’t think he can handle anything. You’re relying entirely on his cabinet.”

And we all know that’s never a good option. After all, you want an actual president. Someone who can actually take on the tasks of the office, not just a face that hands all the decisions down.

The question Rogan, and no doubt, Trump will join him, asks of America is: would you rather have a president who might be more right-wing or one who mentally isn’t fit for the job?

While a right-winger might not do things exactly like you want them to, at least he is doing them. Unlike Biden, who might have more similar views, can’t even remember where he is, who he is with, or even who he himself is.