Kamala Stabbed in The Back: White House Ready to Move to Fix Second in Command

To say that Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has been a frustrating demonstration of what identity politics will hand us as Americans, would be the understatement of the decade. However, to say that the White House was disappointed with her job fulfillment is a news bulletin that can fill conservatives with joy and gladness (at least for the time being).

That’s just the news coming out of D.C. this week, and not even just from the conservatives. The Hill reported that before Harris even landed back in the United States from her trip abroad to go muddy up the waters with the residents of Central and South America, a negative narrative about her trip had already taken hold, even with White House insiders.

“Before Vice President Harris’s plane touched down at Joint Base Andrews after 1 a.m. on Wednesday, the narrative of her first foreign trip had already been cast,” The Hill reported. They went on to say that, “Biden allies and even some people close to Harris said they viewed her trip to Guatemala and Mexico as a ‘disaster,’ as one put it.

Never has it been more shocking to see the truth in print than when a liberal says it, about a woman and a woman of color, at that. While the nervousness once again creeps in, we should point out that it’s possible the trip was so incredibly disastrous that even the left couldn’t ignore how bad the results will be.

According to The Hill’s report, Washington insiders were left wondering how the vice president could go on this major trip seeming so ill-prepared to handle basic questions like ‘Why you haven’t been to the border?” Which were questions that were “telegraphed by Republicans” and those in the conservative media and mainstream outlets alike.

On visiting the border, the border czar couldn’t seem to answer why she hadn’t actually been, to see what was happening with her newly acquired domain, with comments that reportedly “left almost everyone shaking their heads inside and outside the White House.”

“It wasn’t great,” said one longtime Biden ally. “A little cringeworthy too. I don’t know how they weren’t preparing for these questions.”

Another ally was blunt: “It was terrible. I don’t know how else to say it.”

Harris somehow managed to alienate both sides of the political aisle with her trip (likely owing to her attempt to placate the left and still fulfill the logical necessities of being the VP). One Biden ally pointed to Harris’s remarks on Monday when she told would-be migrants “do not come” to the border between the United States and Mexico, which drew criticism from Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who said they sent the wrong signal (what did she think harris was going to do? What did she think America was going to do?)

NBC News’s Lester Holt interviewed Harris who reportedly became off as pretty darn defensive about her work when he asked if she planned to visit the border:

“We are going to the border, we’ve been to the border,” Harris told Holt. When Holt told her she had not visited the border, Harris replied: “And I haven’t been to Europe.”

This is one of those answers that leaves us with not only a great sound bite, but more questions than answers. Even late-night television host Jimmy Fallon of the “Tonight Show” played the interesting clip saying, “Well, that escalated quickly.”

Yes it did Fallon, yes it did. And Democratic strategist Christy Setzer agreed, saying that the comments to NBC were “clumsy.”

“The White House’s lead spokesperson on immigration should be able to talk about the root causes of migration and what’s happening at the border without getting defensive or handing the opposition an infinitely replayable soundbite,” Setzer said.

But she added: “This feels mild in the grand scheme of things — a muffed up interview on a notoriously no-win topic. I doubt we’re still speaking about it this weekend, let alone by the November midterms.”

But not everything can be swept away and one strategist cited by The Hill said the immigration issue will come back to haunt her down the road.

“The political adversaries of this administration have a vested interest in spinning this into a controversy even if one doesn’t exist, and I know her team is well aware of that.”

To that, I challenge everyone who says that the controversy doesn’t exist to take an ice chest and bedroll, or heck, even just drive your vehicle, down to the border and stay the night where farmers and ranchers are having to take shifts to defend their property.

Or possibly talk to the families of the oil field workers whose fathers, brothers, and husbands were found tied to posts and shot, execution-style, for no apparent reason other than that the illegal border crossers wanted their trucks and gear. There should be no debate, but not for the reason anchors and strategists in their swanky offices think.