Karma Bites Libs in the Butt As Inflation Reaches 40 Year High and Biden’s Approval Rating Hits Rock-Bottom…


Inflation has Joe Biden scratching his balding head. He promised he knew how to turn the nation’s economic runaway train around, but his skills as a conductor need improvement. It’s smoking its failed brakes with no way or signs of slowing down.

At first, Biden’s plan seemed like it might’ve had a least enough merit to convince liberals to give it a shot. When he split $1.9 trillion between nearly every citizen in the country the economy sprung up faster than a teenage boy’s erection. The economy hadn’t risen so quickly and so high since 1984. It made sense how the money stimulated growth, but then the bandaid fell off. 

American’s, lots of whom didn’t need the money, decided to spend the new bills while they were still fresh and warm off the press. Businesses on the brink of extinction got all googly-eyed listening to their cash registers ring. They had no choice but to hire or re-hire employees to meet the demands of consumers who were tossing their latest winnings around like confetti. Unemployment dropped to an unheard of 3.9% almost overnight.  

What goes up doesn’t always need to come down, but once the mass hysteria spending spree ended and employees started getting re-fired, America’s hangover kicked in. Not helping the situation, all of the aspirin was stuck on a boat in the Pacific Ocean along with other goods and merchandise, both craved and needed.

At the end of the day, Biden’s remarkable plan has inflation running at 7%, a 40 year high. This is an opportune time to mention how Donald Trump had inflation fully under control. Inflationary problems did not exist until that fateful day when… 

American’s notice things like this. How can anybody not? Grocery and dept. stores can only offer slim pickings, used cars cost more than the new ones that can’t be sold anyway, even certain essentials have become cost-prohibitive, and who wants to purchase an overvalued home at an escalating interest rate? It’s a rhetorical question.

For all his minimal efforts during the election campaign, Biden’s “let’s get rid of Trump with no matter who” fans, are regretting their decisions. They were too busy hating on the man to think this thing through.

A recent poll sent out by the AP-NORC Center for Public News Research came back with disturbing yet expected results. In September a below-average 45% of Americans thought the economy was doing okay. By December the figure dropped to 35% and it’s still tumbling.

Here’s where things get weird. 64% of American’s say they’re still financially doing well while at the same time acknowledging how the economy is in the dumper. It’s a paradox of his own creation that has Biden’s few remaining brain cells snapping and popping like Rice Krispies in milk.

Biden has to somehow convince the American public that those who feel good about their personal bank accounts should also embrace the nation’s economy that’s slipping hell-bent down a water slide. Yeah. Good luck with that. The proof that everything’s hunky-dory is in that box of pudding stuck out at sea.

The White House is cognizant of how a small percentage of citizens believe their own personal circumstances have improved and that seems to suit them fine for now, but then there’s that other stuff such as not one single thing about American society functioning correctly. The list is enormously long.

In a fleeting moment of intellect, White House officials have admitted to the public decrease in institutional trust. They’ve even fessed up to being as guilty as “any other party” of political polarization, which is their method of trying to pass the blame around. 

Biden supporters dropping like Raid-sprayed flies is more than just a trend as he and his administration prefer to refer to it as. It’s an epidemic with only one surefire cure, and we all know what that is. How do you spell i-m-p-e-a-c-h?