Leftist Parrots of ‘The View’ Looking To Change 1st and 2nd Amendments- Only Slightly

By s_bukley/shutterstock.com
By s_bukley/shutterstock.com

If you want to have an open and frank discussion as a celebrity you had plenty of places to go. Barbara Walters, Ted Koppel, or Oprah were your place to go. You could be direct and honest. The late-night talk shows were a place to be funny and have a good time. Shows like ‘The View’ were a stop (originally mostly for women) for some playful feminine banter, with some real journalistic integrity.

Now the more Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg open their mouths the more divisive and horrific worse spew forth. Yet somehow, they are under this insane belief that they represent the morality and the majority of America. As if their platform makes them the utmost authority on what is right and wrong in this great country.

Their decision to speak up now comes on the heels of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey deciding to step down from his position. His decision to step down inspired Whoopi’s next words, and they are scary. “Australia wants to go a step further, drafting a legal process for people who they feel have been defamed, bullied, or harassed, that would force companies to hand over the identities of the accused bully to the courts. Now, if we had a legal process like this, would it actually make people think twice about trolling, or would people just find…a new way to troll?”

Let’s take a look at Australia as it sits now. They are an island country that has little to no immigration, they have a very simple ‘assimilate to our standards or go back home’ mentality, and they are experiencing massive protests over the insane overreach of their current government. We are quite simply not the same. We are a massive country as the ‘meat’ between two countries that we share a lot of trade and travel with. We have some of the highest (legal and illegal) immigration in the world, we are the melting pot of the globe and accept people of all different walks of life, and we are the result of another overbearing Government hundreds of years ago.

The idea that the founding fathers would have wanted Americans to have censored or punished speech in any shape or form is ludicrous. What goes even further than that is the idea that the second amendment needs challenging too. Of course, the courageous **cough cough** Joy Behr is leading this charge too. “You’re not reading. You’re smart not to. You know, when the Founding Fathers were busy with the amendments, the First and Second Amendments did not have AR-15s in there — weapons of war — and they didn’t have Twitter.” Oh Joy, just how dumb can you be?

Let’s start here, the AR-15 is not a ‘weapon of war’ it is a shoulder-fired, gas-powered, semi-automatic rifle. It is a second cousin of the M4 or M16. Those are rifles our servicemembers carry. Not the same thing at all. Much the same, the American citizen had access to the same flintlock pistols and long guns the military had. Why? They were their own personal weapons.

Next, let’s talk Twitter. You raise a great point here. Twitter did not exist. Twitter is also a private company that may choose to remove people from its platform for hateful or divisive speech. Meanwhile, the first amendment is about speaking in public or private, and preventing the Government from punishing you for speaking up about your beliefs or rights; not about a private company. The right to freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want, however it does not mean there are no repercussions from those words. Say something harmful/hateful in public and your fellow man (or woman) may give you what you have coming to you as a result. The View is making a mockery out of our Constitution while using the very amendments it contains to do so. Ironic isn’t it?