Let AOC Cry Into Her Vegan Burger…Meat is Still Our Future

Ron Adar/shutterstock.com

If it were up to AOC, we’d all be trading in our juicy hamburgers for Impossible burgers because it is the way of the future. She believes that cow farts are killing the planet. While cows do release a bit of methane into the air after a few hours of nibbling on grass, they’re hardly responsible for the greenhouse emissions.

It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out where the emissions are coming from. Look up. When you see billowing clouds of smoke coming out of factories and electrical plants, they are the culprits.

And the problem isn’t just in the U.S. Even if the U.S. did everything we could to reduce emissions, we still have countries like China and India who couldn’t give two Big Macs of a crap whether they are poisoning the atmosphere. They depend on coal more heavily than any other place in the world – and they are two large nations that are heavy contributors.

Giving up meat isn’t going to help, no matter how much AOC takes to Twitter to promote a vegan way of life. Telling Americans to go plant-based is laughable. It’s even more hysterical when we all realize that the New York Representative is being serious.

Don’t worry, though. Just as Beto O’Rourke isn’t coming for your guns, AOC isn’t coming for your steak.

The CEO of JBS USA, Tim Schellpepper, explains “Climate change — and the ability to affordably meet the nutritional needs of the U.S. and a growing world population — is the greatest challenge of our time. Failure to act means that, one day, there may not be enough food for everyone.” JBS is one of the largest food producers in the U.S.

When we’re dealing with the nutrition of an entire country, we cannot simply do away with cows. They are important, even if they do play a role in the emissions due to their gassy backsides.

AOC doesn’t need to be fearmongering when food insecurity already exists in the U.S. She can give that page back to Dr. Fauci.

Instead, there are many companies that are dedicated to addressing climate change and doing whatever they can to have a positive impact on food systems – including keeping beef on the table. JBS is one of those companies.

JBS has made an aggressive commitment – they pledged to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. This is impressive, especially since they’re the first company in their sector to establish such a goal.

They’re making progress, too. A beef plant in Greeley was already recognized because they made significant savings in industrial power – enough to generate power for 1,000 homes in Colorado.

JBS explains that “To be the best in all that we do — ensuring the best products and services for customers, a relationship of trust with our suppliers — and the opportunity for a better future for all of our team members.”

Notice that there’s no mention of plant-based foods? JBS knows that it’s not what their customers want. Sure, there are the vegans who can’t wait to get another turkey or beef substitute on their plate, but they are not the voice of the majority of consumers.

America is already doing its part. There’s no need to start taking food OFF of our plates when too many plates are going empty entirely.

If AOC really is concerned about the planet, perhaps she can team up with Greta Thunberg. The two of them could lead a very interesting argument with China and India over their coal usage. Until then, eat your burgers and steaks in peace knowing that they’re not going anywhere.