Liberal Imposed Rules Wash Out Local Police and Now the People Are Feeling the Pressure of Zero Help

B By Bennian/
B By Bennian/

The insane idea of defunding the police is proving to be a massive failure. Even before the liberal city councils around the country forged ahead with the idea, many already knew that it would fail.

It did not take long for the first few regions to refund the police because of the influx of crime that soon followed. And now it seems that the second generation of ideas to defund the police are faltering in Cleveland, Ohio, where the criminals are abusing citizens.

The city blazed ahead and passed Issue 24, which gave the citizens the right to oversee the police. The idea seems sound until the criminals get involved and make claims against how they were treated when the cops showed up to disarm a would-be killer. The second-generation idea of defunding the police is making people feel more unsafe than ever before.

The Outlaws Radio Show is a popular station in the area. And they have aired that people are just not feeling safe even with the new idea because the police are still nowhere to be found. Law enforcement officers are there to protect the innocent. But when they show up and are told how to do their job by people standing around, there is no reason for them to be there since people obviously can handle it themselves.

The radio show creator is Darvio Marrow. And he revealed that he knew of a person that needed police help and did not get the protection she needed. She called the police and was told that she had to contact a social worker to come out to the property and evaluate the violent offender. The police have been tied and cuffed to the point that they cannot protect the beaten and abused people.

The new law allows Mayor Justin Bibb and civilians to create boards to control crime in the city. RedState reports that “It calls for the mayor to appoint 13 people to a commission with final authority over police training and officer discipline.

The commission will oversee misconduct investigations conducted by a civilian board, with the mayor appointing five of the board’s nine members.” The level of corruption will go up now that people can control law enforcement officers.

The previous mayor and Police Chief Calvin Williams were adamantly opposed to the new law because of the issues that it was going to cause.

RedState also reported that “CPPA President Jeff Folmer said the amendment will only worsen ongoing staffing shortages within the division. So far this year, 156 officers have left the force, including 13 in the last month alone, according to Folmer. Those positions haven’t been filled. Folmer said nearly 300 additional officers are currently eligible to retire, and he predicted a dire staffing situation by spring.”

The pathetic liberals have once again short-sighted themselves into a corner. They have forced hundreds of officers out of the city, with hundreds more ready to retire.

And there are no new prospects on the horizon to replace them. No officer in their right mind will want to work in the city knowing that they are the ones that are going to be disciplined for protecting people.

Paul Forsgren is the founder of the Greater Cleveland Citizens for Public Safety, and he vehemently opposed the new law. He stated that “No one wants to be a Cleveland police officer anymore.”

It is just not worth the risk to personal safety and freedom. People do not want to be exposed and told that they could face prison time to stop an armed criminal from killing people.

The city of Cleveland is in for a rude wake-up call. No one wants to serve in law enforcement any longer, and those that will are less likely to respond because they do not want to put their lives at risk because they cannot use force to stop the violence.

The bill’s consequences are going to be felt citywide, and it will be a horrible reality check for the liberals who thought they knew it all.