Liberal Media Wants to Talk But Biden Wants to Sleep

The nation is still waiting for Joe Biden to make his first public appearance with the press. His personalized staff continues to inhibit the media from making contact with him because they fear that he will reveal secrets of the Democrat’s plan to solidify their positions of power for decades to come. But the media is not going to wait forever before they begin their attack to have access to Biden’s bubble.

The liberal media preys on politicians. They especially love to devour Republicans and conservatives. But when there is no fresh meat to enjoy, they are content to feast on the stale Democratic leftovers of greater years.

Joe Biden continues to hide from the media. And they are getting very unhappy. The lazy president gives no specific answers to his staff, so they cannot even provide answers to questions when reporters ask them.

But what is worse than Biden not providing answers is that he will not address them himself. The crazy president has been in office for nearly two months, and he still has yet to hold a press conference. If Biden was a conservative president, he would have been taken to the streets and politically beaten for being transparent with his agenda.

The liberal media once swore to protect the integrity of Biden. But that looks like it is about to fail since he continues to shaft them at every turn.

Biden continues to meddle with insignificant things, such as where his rocking chair should be positioned to how many hairs are left on his head. But the media wants to know what he intends to do about the border crisis and other important issues. They would be shocked to know that even he does not have the faintest clue.

The shady media has lost their patience and are starting to pressure Biden’s staff for answers that they do not have. Peter Alexander works for NBC, and he stated to Psaki that “If you want to send the message to migrants that the border is closed, shouldn’t President Biden be the one who is clearly delivering that message?”

His question is valid in that the president should stop hiding behind Psaki and come out and defend his actions. But everyone knows that Biden is a political coward who must hide behind others if there is something that can bring him down. At least his front line can take the fall for him.

Alexander even wondered why Biden and his thugs were trying to steal the credit for the vaccine that Trump developed in a heart-stopping moment. Psaki tried to make everyone believe that Biden’s Operation Warp Speed saw vaccines given out to the public.

Psaki wants nothing to do with Trump. She is obviously tasked with the job of making sure Biden is seen as some kind of hero. Without him stepping to the microphone to answer questions, he is seen as a cowardly old man who will not take responsibility for his failures so far in office. Biden certainly has made a terrible mess of things.

Biden has set a new record of avoidance for anyone sitting in the White House. He has nearly bested Calvin Coolidge, who was known as “Silent Cal.” Biden will be known as “Bashful Biden.”

The Democratic administration continues their sworn effort to protect the old man from questioning media. They need to keep him from their clutches as long as possible. For they know if the media gets ahold of him, then their secret plans are going to go up in smoke.

America deserves to know what their president is doing. So far, the only thing anyone has even remotely seen is his ability to screw everything up. He single-handedly dismantled everything that was good in the country. And now that he has wrecked everything, people are suffering more than they have in over four years.

The media’s pressure and the breakdown of Biden is America’s legacy for this president. History will mark this as a dark age for America