Liberals Attacking DeSantis and Using Cuba as Their Weapon

The Democrats are happy that unrest is erupting in the world. Their political outlook on life flourishes when people are suffering and living in despair. And when people step up to help those in need, they become targets of the self-serving Democrats.

Ron DeSantis is no stranger to the whims and attacks of the liberal left. For over a year, they have purposely targeted him with fake stories and reports. Their purpose is to smear his name, not to threaten them in the next presidential election.

And now that Cuba is erupting, the Democrats think that they have their chance to manipulate people into thinking that communism is acceptable by using COVID-19 and economic issues as their cover. But along comes Ron DeSantis and blows their cover story.

The Cuban people are protesting in the streets because of the horrible conditions that their current government is making them live under. They are in the streets waving the American flag and pleading for help. All Joe Biden can do is look at the television, hoping that his minions can find some way to use it to his advantage.

The left is silent on the issue because they love communism. They want it for America, and they will do anything to make sure the stories coming out of Cuba are downplayed and kept from being told.

The Cuban want to live free, and they will flee their country to make it happen. Joe Biden should open the border to anyone seeking asylum, but so far, their cries are falling on deaf ears. That is until Ron DeSantis took note of it all.

DeSantis has taken to the media to show his support for the Cuban people. He has told of the horrible healthcare system that the Cubans are subjected to. They are starving people.

Biden may claim by mouth that he supports the people, but his actions tell a different story. His administration, along with Twitter, has tried to tell that COVID-19 is the main reason. And when that failed to take hold, they tried to say it was because of money issues.

All Biden has done is minimalize the horrors the people are talking about. He has yet to intervene and demand that the dictator change his ways.

And now DeSantis is telling the other side of the story the media feels it is their job to attack the Republican governor. Instead of decrying the atrocities in Cuba, they would rather attack someone that cares for and supports the Cuban people. And given a chance, DeSantis will find some way to help all the people that he can.

The insane part of attacks against DeSantis is happening over ridiculous reasons. The liberals hate the man for making it illegal to protest in Florida violently. They miss the fact that the Constitution makes it illegal nationwide.

But these people come out and attack, stating that not allowing violent protests is worse than the horrors of starvation, murder, tyranny, and other violent actions are just as bad as what DeSantis is doing in Florida. They might as well blame him for the terrible treatment Cubans are subject to every day.

For several long decades, the Cuban people have been mistreated by communist leaders. The Cuban regime is responsible for countless murders and pointless killings, all in the name of socialism. The Democratic Party fully supports this kind of government. But only when they can be the ones in control.

They arrogantly think that they would rule better, but so far, all they have shown is their incompetence. So far, they have made a mess of a prosperous country and turned their backs on suffering people.

The fact that they are trying to pin everything on the Floridian governor shows their desperation. The Cuban people love the Republican Party because they stand for the people and with the people. They do not try and lord things over the people.

Ron DeSantis has demanded that Biden open up the country and let asylum seekers in. But so far, all Biden has done is shown his support for the communist dictator murdering innocent people in the streets.