Liberals Barricade Themselves In As They Fight for Open Borders

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The liberals have been contradicting themselves for the past several years. During the illegal lockdowns and COVID restrictions, many high-profile liberals were found violating their own set of laws, and they got away with their acts of deception. During the early days of 2021, Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats erected a fence around Capitol Building because he was scared that Americans would protest his installation. And they certainly had good cause to protest.

But that fence sits as a mockery to the one that Biden stopped constructing the day he took office. Donald Trump was erecting a fence to protect all Americans from the onslaught of people trying to cross into America illegally. The illegals were more of a danger to life and property than any person could ever be living in America.

The liberals protested against the wall for its entire construction. But they are quick to build a wall to keep protestors away from them. The hypocrisy hangs around their necks so tight that they cannot breathe. The fence to keep Americans out of their capital is now set up again, but this time in connection to the speech Biden is supposed to make about the State of the Union.

Biden is all about keeping the southern borders open for all terrorists and criminals to come across. But he has set up his fence to keep them and legal residents from reaching his office and those that are dealing with the open borders issue. The old president may not care about the people already affected by the invasion, but her certainly cares about protecting himself from harm.

Biden thinks that the Freedom Convoy will show up at the Capitol Building and blockade the region like it did in Canada. The arrogance of the Democratic Party is suffocating. They think that they can keep people from protesting peacefully by putting a fence around them. But should that convoy show up for any reason, Biden can rest assured that it needs to be in place to force him to do the right thing.

Law enforcement released a statement that RedState was able to report on. It read, “Law enforcement agencies across the National Capital Region are aware of plans for a series of truck convoys arriving in Washington, DC, around the time of the State of the Union. As with any demonstration, the USCP will facilitate lawful First Amendment activity. The USCP is closely coordinating with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, including DC’s Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Park Police, the United States Secret Service, and other allied agencies to include the DC National Guard.”

Joe Biden will get to speak from behind a fence when he gives his State of the Union speech. He cannot bring himself to make it without fearing for his safety. The fence should be in place for the Supreme Court because the liberals know they stand a great chance of being handed another loss. And that would cause liberal protestors to act violently.

The hypocritical Democrats only care about what makes them happy. They could not care about what was happening to people thousands of miles from where they lived. The only way that Biden and his nasty administration would ever act to close the border would happen once the violence reached their doorsteps.

Their families would have to be threatened by illegals, and their private property would have to be stolen to get across the point that open borders are a terrible idea. Any protests that will take place will only display the attitude that all Americans share, which is for the border to be closed down.

But Joe Biden cannot have his perceived authority challenged in front of people. He will need to find a way to incriminate any protestor that shows up for his speech. But instead of listening to them, he will set out to ignore everyone and give a speech that does not reflect the actual State of the Union that Biden has destroyed.