Liberals Remembrances of Jan 6 2021 Prove their Memories are Almost as Bad as Their Math

Gallagher Photography/
Gallagher Photography/

The media as well as the democrats are throwing the word insurrection around like it’s going out of style. One would think after a year passed without anyone being charged for insurrection, the liberals could move on but it appears they’re going to milk this day for all its worth.

‘Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) relives the dramatic tale on social media stating, “I voted, then decided to stay and watch the proceedings. Then I had an epiphany that said, ‘Go home, this is not safe.’ I was clearly aware of the danger and the lack of security so I called my driver and said, ‘I think I should leave. Come and get me.’ When I got outside these strange-looking people were beginning to gather; I was scared as hell. They were looking at me head to toe, very menacing. They looked like they were on illegal drugs. I know they were thinking: She has on a pin … she is Black … she has to be a Democrat. By the time I got home and turned on the TV, there were thousands climbing the walls of the Capitol. “I was minutes away from being beaten or killed by a domestic terrorist. I can still see their eyes and the hateful way they looked at me.”

While she was well within her rights to be able to leave, no lawmaker was injured or assaulted in any way on Jan. 6. Moving forward we must ask ourselves when push comes to shove do we want the Democrats, the people who left an abandoned ship simply because people looked at them funny, are those the people we can wholeheartedly say we believe are going to defend our constitutional rights?

Maybe we should put our eggs in the baskets of those who were under siege during a definite political attack. Even while being mowed down by a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, yet stayed to help back up the capitol police.

The news outlets covered the attack on republicans at the ballgame just a couple of days because it simply didn’t fit the narrative. Over a year later, taking into consideration everything becomes politicized with the Media if it fits their narrative, Jan. 6 was their Christmas. They will continue attempting to smear anyone who ever supported Former President Trump.

As for the Libs, no one made any menacing gestures of any kind, they just felt uncomfortable, so they fled the scene to watch it being reported on their televisions in the comfort of their own home. Those are the democrats voters don’t truly know, yet love.

The conservatives have shown us time and time again that we, the American people, need someone who will work for us and defend our rights tooth and nail. We need people who understand the sacrifices that were made to gain the freedom we have and only true patriots will stand to defend others at the very least when it’s “uncomfortable”.

Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker of US Congress has likened the Jan. 6. Insurrection to 9/11. Folks, one of the last things we need to be doing as a country is insulting all the victims of 9/11 by equivalating all the grief that went along with the many men and women whose lives were lost, and their families forever changed by Hanus acts of actual terrorists. To get anything done we’re going to need to become much more comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable because you don’t obtain or retain freedom by being complacent.

It’s time to go above and beyond anything we’ve ever known when it comes to defending what’s ours. But rest assured no matter who you are it’s far better to be on the side of right and those who run out in front of bullets as opposed to those who flee at the sign of a “mean look” or a 1000 yard stare.