Soros-Funded Philly DA Impeached…And State Senate May Have the Votes to Remove Him

Zack Frank /

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner was impeached by the Republican-led state House on Wednesday, in a development that received very little mainstream media attention. Krasner is the Soros-funded DA who has overseen the biggest spike in violent crimes in Philadelphia since the city’s founding. These “Soros prosecutors” have been wreaking havoc in cities across the country for the past few years, by getting elected with help from Soros’s cash and then promptly refusing to enforce the law as soon as they arrive in office. The 29-21 Republican-led Senate will only need to flip 4 Democrat votes to remove Krasner from office now.

Thanks to DA Krasner letting violent felons out of jail without even posting bail, for crimes such as attempted murder and rape, Philadelphia became the murder capital of the United States in 2021. Philly has the highest per capita murder rate of all cities in America. That’s more dangerous than Guatemala, Uruguay, and most countries in Africa.

The pattern with Larry Krasner should be a familiar one to anyone who has been watching the Soros takeover of American cities. George Soros spent $2 million during Larry Krasner’s first election campaign to push him into office. In 2021, Soros only needed to spend $259,000 to get Krasner reelected.

The second that Krasner took office, crime started soaring. According to the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, Krasner stopped prosecuting many felony offenses. These include grand theft auto (at gunpoint), robbery, and selling fentanyl. Krasner has refused to prosecute almost 50% of all gun crimes in Philadelphia, primarily when the offenders are black.

One of the very first things Krasner did in office was release a violent felony gun offender named Hassan Elliott from jail. A few days later, the police picked up Elliott again for selling cocaine. Krasner immediately let Elliott out of jail without posting bail. Later that same day, Elliott killed a man and was then on the loose. A few months later, Elliott killed a Philadelphia Police Corporal named James O’Connor as he was trying to arrest him.

Krasner isn’t alone as a Soros-funded prosecutor who is guilty of dereliction of duty. Soros also funded prosecutor Kim Gardner in St. Louis, the woman who arrested Mark and Patricia McCloskey for brandishing firearms while they chased violent BLM protesters off their private property. Gardner has refused to prosecute 38% of cases where police have arrested real criminals while targeting people who didn’t vote for her.

Kim Foxx, the Cook County State’s Attorney who tried to let Jussie Smollett off the hook, is another Soros project. Homicides and shootings are up 50% on her watch, and she has refused to prosecute about 40% of violent felony cases since she took office.

Soros pumped $3 million into George Gascon’s campaign for Los Angeles District Attorney. The crime in L.A. under Gascon’s watch has become the stuff of legend. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, another liberal, praised the situation in Los Angeles by proclaiming that the cops had made 429 arrests for murder! Of course, the reason why there were so many arrests was that the murder rate shot up by 12% during George Gascon’s very first year in office. The situation there is so bad that Tucker Carlson did a documentary on Gascon’s reign of shame.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are Soros-funded prosecutors in communities all across the country, and they’re all refusing to enforce the law. Whether Larry Krasner will actually be removed from office is an open question now. It will depend on whether there are 4 honorable Democrats in the Pennsylvania Senate who will vote with Republicans to give Krasner the boot.