CDC-Funded Study Confirms: COVID Shots Have No Effect On Virus Transmission

(Liberty Bell) – A CDC-funded study performed in a federal prison has confirmed what we all know to be true: the COVID vaccines do nothing to stop the transmission of the virus. “In this investigation, we found no statistically significant difference in transmission potential between vaccinated persons and persons who were not fully vaccinated,” the […]

Pfizer Whistleblower Accused Of Lying Fires Back!

(Liberty Bell) – Being a whistleblower nowadays is no easy task. Standing up for what’s right and exposing the truth is extremely risky, especially when the mainstream media is hell-bent on protecting the radical left, the COVID scam, and the vaccines. One whistleblower has found this out firsthand. Brook Jackson (pictured here) has blown the […]

Report: World’s First Vaccine Murder Case Against Bill Gates Filed In India

(Liberty Bell) – A new report from Infowars has revealed that murder charges have now been filed against billionaire Bill Gates and the founder of the Serum Institute in a high court located in India for the role they played in promoting the coronavirus vaccine, which a 23-year-old man died from not long after receiving […]

The End Is Near: Joe Biden Can No Longer Read TelePrompter (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden is never going to get it together. He simply can’t. He’s too far gone. His cognitive abilities have deteriorated faster than anyone could have imagined and it’s really not funny anymore. In the latest display of obvious dementia, Joe Biden was speaking at the White House when he appeared to […]

BOMBSHELL: Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House 17 Times

(Liberty Bell) – With the Ghislaine Maxwell trial underway, the world’s elite are no doubt shaking in their boots. Whose names is she going to drop? Whose names has she already dropped? We already know former president Bill Clinton is a certified scumbag and Jeffrey Epstein associate but to what extent has always been a […]

Rand Paul: ‘Throw Fauci In Prison For Five Years’

(Liberty Bell) – Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul took his ongoing feud with the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who some are calling the new version of Mengele, to the next level on Thursday by calling for the man to be arrested and tossed behind bars for his […]

BREAKING: GOP Senators Worry DOD’s Targeting Troops Opposing ‘Woke Orthodoxy’

(Liberty Bell) – The radical left’s theology has managed to seep its way into all corners of American society. The US military is on the verge of becoming a strong arm for this radical agenda taking over our country. On Wednesday, a dozen Republican Senators sent a letter of concern to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin […]

JUST IN: Over 42,000 Adverse Reaction Reports Revealed In First Batch Of Pfizer Vax Docs

(Liberty Bell) – According to a brand new report from Infowars, the FDA’s painfully slow release of information related to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine has finally started to bear some fruit and it’s not good news for the company, despite the trickle of just 500 pages of documentation per month out of a total of 329,000 […]

BREAKING: Dr. Evil And Barack Obama Visit Elementary School To Push COVID Jabs On Kids

(Liberty Bell) – According to a new report published by 100 Percent Fed Up, Dr. Anthony Fauci and former President Barack Obama recently paid a visit to Kimball Elementary School located in the city of Washington, D.C. in order to try and convince the children who fall into the 5-11 age bracket to get their […]

Biden Slips Up… Says Dr. Fauci Is The Real President

(Liberty Bell) – If the constant flubs, vacant stares, stumbles, mumbles, and inability to find his way into the White House weren’t enough to make you concerned about the current cognitive abilities of Joe Biden, then perhaps the fact that he actually joked about Dr. Anthony Fauci, a man now being referred to as the […]

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