AZ Audit: Hand Count Is Completed, Paper Ballot Examination Continues. Results Expected By End Of Month!

(Liberty Bell) – On Tuesday, the Arizona Audit Twitter page announced that they had completed the hand count of paper ballots, just in time for President Trump’s birthday! “Audit Update: Hand count of ballots was completed yesterday with the exception of Braille ballots. The paper examination phase continues and we are examining over 100k ballots […]

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: Joe Biden Not Allowed To Take Questions “Without His Aides Screaming At Him To Stop”

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden has been the most protected president in modern history. Anywhere Biden goes, so go his handlers and they are not about to let Biden go off script, at least not too much anyway. This has not gone unnoticed by conservative media outlets who plainly report the facts, however, the leftist […]

Charles Barkley To Retire From “Inside The NBA” Thanks To Cancel Culture & Censorship

(Liberty Bell) – Cancel culture ruins everything. Just ask NBA legend and analyst Charles Barkley who says he plans to retire in a couple years at age 60, saying, “You can’t even have fun nowadays.” During an interview (listen here) with a Washington DC sports radio station, 106.7 The Fan, on Monday, Barkley discussed how […]

Epic: “Trump Won” Banners Make Appearances In Switzerland, Guatemala And Across US

(Liberty Bell) – President Trump won the 2020 election and the entire world knows it. The only people who are still living the lie that Biden is the legitimate president are those within the mainstream, establishment media and those who have been brainwashed by these media outlets. Sadly, that makes up for a large chunk […]

Rep. Paul Gosar Demands Answers On “Execution” Of Veteran Ashli Babbitt From Swamp Creature Chris Wray

(Liberty Bell) – Transparency has been a serious issue in the US ever since Joe Biden and the Democrats usurped power. That’s because the federal government is thoroughly corrupt. It’s become painfully obvious that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was led by FBI operatives. This theory is supported by the fact that FBI Director Christopher […]

Bombshell: SQL Found On Voting Machines In PA And MI Indicates Election Data Could Be Read And Manipulated

(Liberty Bell) – Assessments conducted in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County and Michigan’s Antrim County have revealed the existence of the Microsoft SQL database on the Dominion Voting Machines in these counties. According to a report in Fulton County, PA, analysts say they could not find any “valid reason” for the software to be installed in the […]

International Embarrassment: Joe Biden Brings Note Cards With Him To Sit-Down Meeting With Putin

(Liberty Bell) – We were told for four years while President Trump was in office, that the rest of the world was laughing at us. We can only imagine what the rest of the world is thinking now that Joe Biden has usurped the White House. Pictures of Biden’s meeting with Putin shows the Usurper-in-Chief […]

Human Trafficking: Planes Carrying Unidentified Children Landing In Tennessee In The Middle Of The Night

(Liberty Bell) – Middle of the night flights carrying unaccompanied migrant children and teens have been flooding into the state of Tennessee since May. Flights have been arriving at the Wilson Air Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the dead of night for weeks now, each carrying around 30 to 50 migrant children. Every time the […]

BREAKING: Biden Administration Wants Americans To Report ‘Radicalized’ Friends And Family To Government

(Liberty Bell) – If you didn’t think the vast majority of things the federal government and many state governments were asking folks to do during the thick of the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t already a form of Nazism, what Biden is now asking Americans to do certainly crosses that line. According to a new report from […]

Pennsylvania Results Show Statistically Impossible Pattern That Resulted In Biden’s Steal

(Liberty Bell) – Now that a delegation of Pennsylvania lawmakers have toured the Arizona audit operation, people, especially PA residents, are beginning to wonder when the state legislature will move to begin a similar process in the Keystone State. It doesn’t appear that things will be that simple, however. On Monday, President Trump issued a […]

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