2 Months Later, FBI Director Still Isn’t Revealing The Cause Of Capitol Police Officer’s Death

(Liberty Bell) – It’s almost been two months since Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died, passing away just a few hours after the riot started at the U.S. Capitol building. For weeks after the incident occurred the mainstream media, or as we like to fondly refer to them around these parts, the Democratic Party’s propaganda […]

Judge Set To Look At Psaki Email Allegedly Showing She Lied To Media Over Iran Nuclear Deal

(Liberty Bell) – A federal judge has given the order for the federal government to hand over an email in which Jen Psaki, the current White House press secretary, actually admits to being dishonest with the media concerning the details of the Iran nuclear deal during the time it was being negotiated by the Obama […]

Congressman Jim Jordan Has Had Enough Of ‘Cancel Culture,’ Demands Hearing On The Issue ASAP

(Liberty Bell) – Republican congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio came out recently and stated that he thinks both Democrats and Republicans should be in total agreement about the fact it’s time for a hearing to discuss the “cancel culture sweeping America.” According to WND, the ranking member on the Judiciary panel, Jordan penned a letter […]

Look Who Gets A Nice Cushy $21,000 Bonus In Pelosi’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill

(Liberty Bell) – The United States House of Representatives are set to vote on Speaker Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which also happens to be chock full of items off the Democratic Party wish list, on Friday, and with liberals in complete control of both chambers of Congress, you can pretty much guess how […]

Former Clinton Adviser Sounds The Alarm About The True Intentions Of Democrats, Says They’re Ushering In ‘Totalitarian State Before Our Eyes’

(Liberty Bell) – Author and Democratic Party activist Naomi Wolf said something on Monday that’s definitely going to make her very unpopular within her own movement and party concerning the true intentions of modern liberals and what they want to accomplish with the coronavirus pandemic. According to BizPacReview, Wolf stated that “autocrats” are using the […]

‘Arrest Cuomo’ Swag Smash Hit At CPAC Event, But Look What Happened To Creator When He Didn’t Wear A Mask

(Liberty Bell) – A lot of folks who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference this weekend in Florida were roaming around the venue sporting “Arrest Cuomo” t-shirts and other apparel inspired by the New York governor and his current scandal involving the cover up of COVID related nursing home deaths in his state. This is […]

Judge Blows Minds By Following Constitution And Ruling Miss USA Has Right To Only Accept Biological Females

(Liberty Bell) – A district judge has tossed out a lawsuit that was filed against the Miss USA pageant over the rule in their competition that stated a contestant who participated needed to be a biological woman, proving that there are still some sane individuals in the world who really do “follow the science.” Did […]

Golden Globes Viewership Crashes Through The Floor — More Americans Watched Trump’s CPAC Speech Online!

(Liberty Bell) – The big shots over there in Hollywood are no doubt smarting from the devastating blow that former President Donald Trump delivered to one of their big nights of the year, the Golden Globes, as viewership for the event dropped by 60 percent this year and more Americans tuned in to watch Trump’s […]

Bill Maher Warns Liberals Of The Dire Consequences Of Letting Cancel Culture Run Amok

(Liberty Bell) – Bill Maher is no small-government conservative and has, on more than one occasion, defended socialism and much of the left’s political agenda. However, if there is one area in which he is often the lone voice of reason among leftists, it’s free speech and cancel culture. Maher has spent his career warning […]

Psaki And Biden Take Heat Over Previous Tweets Slamming Trump For Syria Strikes

(Liberty Bell) – The hypocrisy and double standards of the left are never-ending. As a matter of fact, they’re probably the most consistent, reliable thing about the left. When President Trump was in office, leftists had a meltdown over kids being kept in supposed “cages” along the southern border. Now, that very same detention facility […]

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