Here’s Why The FBI Director Just Got Subpoenaed (And Yes, It Has To Do With The Russia-Ukraine Probe)

(Liberty Bell) – FBI Director Christopher Wray has been subpoenaed, along with former State Department official, as part of a growing investigation into possible corruption between the US, Russia, and the Ukraine. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson has also declared that there is evidence the biden family engaged in a […]

Hillary Clinton Is Still Complaining About Donald Trump, But What She Just Said About His Coronavirus Relief “Stunt” Is Insane

(Liberty Bell) – It’s pretty hilarious that the left clutches their pearls over their own imaginings that President Donald Trump will refuse to vacate the Oval Office come Inaguration Day 2021 should he fail to win the November election. Because their candidate in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has refused and fought tooth and nail to […]

Bombshell: Lindsey Graham Says He Knows The FBI Lied To Senate About Dossier Source

(Liberty Bell) – It is extraordinary how much has come out about the crooked plot to steal the results of the 2016 election from the American people…especially now that we’re just months away from the election that will decide if the man the people elected will secure another four years in the White House. With […]

Are Young Black Voters Turning On Biden After His Latest Racist Gaffe Went Too Far?

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden’s latest racial flub/Freudian slip have now officially placed him at risk of alienating young Black voters who may strongly dislike President Donald Trump but are not big fans of the former Vice President, either. The incoherent presumed Democratic presidential nominee, when asked by Errol Barnett of CBS News this week […]

Now NASA Is Trying To Make Sure Space Isn’t Racist. No, This Isn’t A Joke.

(Liberty Bell) – Perhaps one of the most ridiculous cultural trends of the year (which is really, really saying something in 2020) is the tendency for large corporations or other entities to make completely arbitrary changes to branding or naming schemes in the name of equality…or something. First, it was Aunt Jemima syrup. Then, it […]

Guess What Kind Of Sinister, CCP-Backed Tech Project The CEO Of TikTok Just Invested In?

(Liberty Bell) – Those running TikTok claim up and down that, despite operating in a country where the one-party state has its hands in virtually all big business, they’re totally not involved with the Chinese Communist Party at all, whatsoever. This is of course what the CCP’s apologists on the American left are saying as […]

Over Half A Million Incorrect Absentee Ballots Sent Out In This Key Swing State

(Liberty Bell) – According to a non-profit group, over half a million incorrect applications for absentee ballots were mistakenly sent out across Virginia this week. The ballots were sent, among others, to dead voters, estranged relatives, and even a pet! Just the News says that these rampant errors are “an unprecedented mailing flub that has […]

While The Democrats Work To Push Their Radical Agenda, Trump Uses EO To Help Americans Recover In A Real Way

(Liberty Bell) – The Democrats thought they could use the coronavirus pandemic to destroy the booming, historic Trump economy and damage his chances at re-election, but they seriously underestimated their political enemy. President Donald Trump was voted into office by people who understood that this political outsider and wildly successful businessman had what it took, […]

This Hollywood Leftist Made A Big Stink About Goya Foods…Guess What She Just Got Busted Doing! LOL

(Liberty Bell) – Remember the Goya Foods boycott, when a bunch of snobby liberals boycotted the immigrant-founded food company in a fuss because its CEO praised President Donald Trump? It turns out, like much of what the left does, it was all empty virtue-signaling. Model and (slightly crazy) outspoken leftist Chrissy Teagen was one of […]

Enough Is Enough: What Rioters Did To Elderly Woman In Portland Suburb Is Totally Appalling

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since the riots, looting, and destruction of major cities began with the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa thugs following the death of George Floyd, the mainstream media has been desperate to create a narrative of these events being part of “peaceful protests.” Or worse, they’ve actually attempted to justify the […]

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