Disturbing Footage: Busload Of Pregnant Illegal Immigrants Arrive In Texas Under Cover Of Darkness

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden’s border crisis is going to be negatively affecting Americans for years and decades to come. Once all of the millions of illegal aliens who have come to the US since Biden fraudulently took office get enrolled in our welfare systems, taxes are going to go through the roof. That’s exactly […]

Hidden Video: CNN Director Admits Network Engaged In ‘Propaganda’ To Remove Trump From Presidency (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – We are all aware of the fact that CNN is the king of the fake news world, thanks in large part to the false narratives (otherwise known as propaganda) they spew out on a daily basis that seeks to push the progressive agenda and fails to present arguments on the other side […]

Obamas Kindle Racial Tensions With Message Calling For Police Reform After Death Of Daunte Wright

(Liberty Bell) – The recent police shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, which occurred just about 10 miles away from where Derek Chauvin currently stands trial for the death of George Floyd, has sparked violent unrest, chaos and lawlessness in Minnesota. Hundreds of “protesters” have come out to express their anger and frustration over Wright being […]

BREAKING: White House Admits Strategy To Shield Biden From Press To Stay On Script

(Liberty Bell) – It’s no secret that a lot of American voters feel that there is something amiss about the conduct and behavior of President Joe Biden. Just look at how he constantly slurs his words, forgets what he’s talking about or what question he’s supposed to answer, and the lack of interviews and public […]

Shocking Video: Illegal Alien Minors Loaded On Planes To Be Given To Random Strangers

(Liberty Bell) – A shocking new video that’s hitting the internet reveals loads of underage illegal aliens being delivered to random strangers who have signed up online to take them into their homes and provide housing for them. According to a report coming out of Infowars, the exclusive footage (watch here) shows the minors from […]

Google Runs Defense For Rioters With Shadow Ban On Searches For “Riots Today” Following More Violent Unrest In Minnesota

(Liberty Bell) – Not only has the radical left managed to convince large chunks of the black population in the US that they’re oppressed victims of systemic “racism” and “white supremacy” and there’s just nothing they can do to control their own fate, they’ve also made great progress removing any and all accountability from minority […]

Kamala Harris: Black Women In The US Are More Likely To Die In Connection With Child Birth Because Of Racism And Implicit Bias (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – Vice President Kamala Harris stated on Tuesday that she believes black women in the U.S. are far more likely to pass away due to complications from pregnancy due to the infamous and oh so elusive “systemic racial inequities” that plague our country. According to Gateway Pundit, Harris said, “Black women in our […]

Retailers Now Under Pressure From Activist Groups To Stop Calling The Police On Minority Shoplifters

(Liberty Bell) – Over the course of the last several years, America has been told by the radical left just how racist we truly are. The fight for “equality” has been heating up and massive national “civil rights” groups have emerged. The most well-known of these groups, of course, being Black Lives Matter. However, BLM […]

Horrific Video Shows Police Forcing Special Needs Girls To Be Vaccinated In New Statewide ‘Operation Homebound’ Program

(Liberty Bell) – A horrifying new video coming out of the state of California shows LAPD officers forcibly administering a coronavirus vaccine to a trio of women who are special needs and were resisting the shot. According to the folks at Infowars, the video footage shows an extremely scared special needs woman trying desperately to […]

Revealed: Zuckerberg Group Bribed Detroit With $7.4 Million To “Dramatically” Expand Votes

(Liberty Bell) – New reports have revealed that a voter advocacy group that is primarily funded by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social media giant Facebook, “donated” a whopping $7.4 million to the city of Detroit as a means to help them “dramatically expand strategic voter education and outreach” in an area that played a pivotal […]

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