Nancy Pelosi Lies Blatantly While Calling For Trump’s Power To Be Restricted

(Liberty Bell) – Everyone is so focused on the cognitive decline of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden but what about Nancy Pelosi? Nobody in Washington DC spews fake news and misinformation quite like the Speaker of the House. She clearly has some kind of mental disorder in which she earnestly believes that if she just […]

Why The Governor Of Utah Was Forced To Declare A “State Of Emergency”

(Liberty Bell) – Major US cities have been turned into war zones since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the hands of police. Black Lives Matter has become the ruling cabal of the day and anyone who dares disagree or point out their obvious lack of concern for actual black lives is […]

Why The WNBA Is Calling For Senator Kelly Loeffler To Step Down As Team Owner

(Liberty Bell) – Not all sense has gone out the window is 2020 America. Despite the fact that the radical political group Black Lives Matter has seemingly taken over every aspect of our society, there are still those brave enough to speak out and take a stand against what is so obviously an attack on […]

LA Teachers Union Issues These Outrageous Demands In Exchange For The Reopening Of Schools

(Liberty Bell) – The public education system in America has been hijacked by leftist political activists who want nothing more than to see America destroyed and in its place a shiny new liberal dystopia with no borders. This is most obvious when it comes to the teachers themselves and their clear lack of desire to […]

Richard Grenell Blows The Lid Off Obama’s “Weaponized Intelligence”

(Liberty Bell) – Former Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, has exposed the depths to which the Obama administration leveraged the intelligence community for their own political goals during the time that the 44th president was in office. Speaking to Newsmax, Grenell declared that the administration had “weaponized intelligence” during the transition between the 2016 […]

Goya CEO Is Taking No Crap From Boycotters, Destroys Them With This Blunt Message

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, Hollywood leftists were so triggered by the fact that the CEO of a great Hispanic-American success story, Goya foods, dared express support for Trump. That’s right. People who probably never eat Goya foods and live in mansions with personal assistants and vegan chefs can’t stand that the grandson of a […]

Another Glaring Incident Of Media Bias, Obvious Opinion Disguised As “Analysis” By This Major Fake News Network

(Liberty Bell) – There is something that most on the left completely fail to understand. The clearly biased fake news media that continues to insist it is objective and earnestly simply seeks the truth has been glaringly biased for years. Trump knows it, Americans know it, even many on the left know it. And yet […]

Why This Democrat Doesn’t Believe Polls Showing Biden Ahead Of Trump

(Liberty Bell) – It’s like 2016 all over again. Many polls, the same polls which showed former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, beating out Donald Trump in the 2016 election, are now showing former Vice President Joe Biden beating out Trump in his re-election bid. Now, the majority of Democrats are putting a lot of […]

You Won’t Believe What Trump’s Chances Of Re-Election Are Based On The Model That Predicted His 2016 Win

(Liberty Bell) – An election model with a proven track record of accuracy is predicting stunning odds for a Trump re-election in November, according to Stony Brook University Professor Helmut Norpoth. So, what’s “stunning”? 91% chance of re-election. But you knew that already, didn’t you? “The Primary Model gives Trump a 91 percent chance of […]

Insane: What This University Did To Incoming Student For Pro-Trump TikTok Video Will Infuriate You

(Liberty Bell) – What kind of country are we living in where an incoming college freshman’s admission to a college is threatened because she vocally supports a sitting President of the United States?! Yes, this story really is this crazy. The Western Journal reports that Samantha Pfefferle was admitted to Marquette University in Wisconsin for […]

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