MUST-SEE: “F**k Joe Biden” Chants Breakout Across America

(Liberty Bell) – Apparently, Saturdays are for chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” Despite the fact that the lying mainstream media has insisted for five years that President Trump was hated by Americans and was incredibly unpopular, we don’t remember a time when stadiums full of college students all over the country chanted “F*** Donald Trump!” Yet, […]

Bombshell Testimony: Top Scientists At Vaccine Hearing Reveal Injections Killing More People Than Saving

(Liberty Bell) – There is no question about it, the vaccines are dangerous. While tens of millions of Americans have been duped into getting the jabs, tens of millions more are skeptical, to say the least. It would appear their skepticism is justified. Several doctors from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave startling testimony […]

BOMBSHELL: Scientists Growing mRNA Vaccine-Filled Plants To Replace COVID Injections

(Liberty Bell) – The left is really, really desperate to ensure each and every human being across the planet, not just the United States mind you, but the whole damn globe, takes their COVID vaccine. The fact that they are pushing so hard for everyone to take it should be the first sign that something […]

Vaccine Policy Chief: “Unvaccinated People Are Not Dangerous; Vaccinated People Are Dangerous — Should Be Quarantined” (Video)

(Liberty Bell) – During this global “pandemic” the world needs to hear from experts like Christian Perronne. Professor Perronne, according to the UK Column, has been one of France’s most highly respected experts in the area of infectious diseases for decades as well as one of the country’s top vaccine policy chiefs. Perronne is the […]

BOOM! Murder-Suicide Now Classified As COVID Deaths

(Liberty Bell) – We’ve all had our suspicions about the government and hospitals working together to try and cover up the actual number of COVID deaths happening in the United States, attributing death from all kinds of other health issues and problems as being the result of the coronavirus if those who pass away test […]

Horror! Toddler Cries As Daycare Workers Force Mask On Him

(Liberty Bell) – It’s certainly beginning to look as though the only place where the COVID-19 “pandemic” is still being kept alive is on the campuses of schools and daycares all around the country. While you can attend college and professional football games with tens of thousands of other attendees sans the mask, our children […]

Texas Abortion Doctor Brags About Breaking New Law, Gets Serious Surprise

(Liberty Bell) – One Texas baby-killer has found himself in hot water after publicly bragging about flouting the new Texas law that bans abortions after about six weeks, when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. A campaign has been started by the pro-life Operation Rescue organization to see the abortionist’s medical license suspended. Alan Braid […]

Secret Recordings: Whistleblower Goes Public… Reveals Federal Gov’t Hiding Vaccine Side Effects Data

(Liberty Bell) – A whistleblower who works at the Health and Human Services Department has come out and conducted an interview with Project Veritas in order to expose how the federal government is now covering up reports that individuals are experiencing adverse side effects from the coronavirus vaccine. Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me in the […]

Tucker Carlson Reveals PowerPoint From US Army Justifying Vax Mandates With Satanism Slideshow (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – We all know that the vaccine mandates that Joe Biden is calling for are bad news for freedom and that it is a massive overreach of the government. This is a big power play to usurp authority from the people and use it to rule over them. It’s pretty obvious. However, there […]

WATCH: TX Mom Destroys School Board For Allowing Children To Read Book Featuring Anal Sex

(Liberty Bell) – Parents are pulling their kids from public schools in droves all across the country. Between absurd and abusive COVID-19 “mitigation efforts,” critical race theory, and wildly inappropriate materials and curriculum, it’s no wonder many parents want nothing to do with the public school system in America. One mother in Texas highlighted just […]

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