How Google Helped the Massachusetts Government Spy on People in the Pandemic

One of the most alarming things in recent history – other than US politicians funding Ukraine’s entire government with our tax dollars without permission – was the way that so many leaders trampled on the rights of their citizens during the “pandemic.” Even a lot of Republican governors went mad with power over COVID. Latest […]

Arizona Now Giving Illegals In-State College Tuition

Monster Ztudio/
The state of Arizona has given the illegal aliens who have invaded the border and decimated the resources of the state the gift of further education. These illegals who have done nothing to earn the right to a higher education or done what is right and tried to become American citizens are being rewarded for […]

8 More Fed Instigators Revealed in the January 6 Protests

Kristi Blokhin/
You might want to sit down before you read this because it’s going to sound so implausible, but… there were FBI informants and agitators in the crowd during the January 6th mostly-peaceful election justice protests. We know, we know. It’s hard to believe since the FBI is such a beacon of integrity and truth and […]

Sex in Space? It’s NASA’s Next Mission

NASA has had a number of interesting missions over the years. It’s how we’ve learned more about the planets, the possibility of life on Mars, and so much more. For the most part, most people view NASA’s missions as a way to learn about whether it’s going to be possible to live somewhere else. If […]

Progressives Come Face to Face With What They Really Look Like as a Party

By Nick_ Raille_07/
The truth regarding the reality of the progressive movement is starting to sink in as the mess in San Francisco is revealed. The progressives claim that they plan to make every person in America have the life that the rich and famous have. They claim that they will give everyone access to free things only […]

Is Biden Secretly Planning to Replace Harris?

By Sheila Fitzgerald/
As you can well imagine, approval ratings for the current administration are tanking… and fast. In fact, it is now pretty much a known fact the Biden-Harris regime is the most disliked in our nation’s history thus far. It’s also known that Democratic President Joe Biden’s second in command, Vice President Kamala Harris is the […]

Cartoonish Pelosi Is Laughed at by People Who Know She Is Lying

degolden /
Nancy Pelosi is just a mouth to promote the nastiness of the socialism sweeping through the Democratic Party. For several decades she has had to bite her tongue to remain in power. But now that passionate socialists surround her; she is more willing to pollute the air with her words of insanity. Most of the […]

Xi Jinping Eyes a Third Term to Rule Communist China

Frederic Legrand /
Xi Jinping has been ruling the Chinese Communist Party for the past two terms. And, as we all know, communism is about control. So, why stop with just two terms? He’s clearly got his eye on the future as he’s planning on setting the stage to seek out a third term. In 2018, China got […]

Biden Returns From Europe Speechless After Democrats Fail

RedhoodStudios /
Despite his initial thoughts that Virginia would remain blue, Biden found himself yet again on the losing side of history as Virginia was swept by Republicans. In a historic election, Glenn Youngkin defeated the strongly Biden-backed Terry McAuliffe. Given Biden’s “We’re gonna win… I think we’re going to win in Virginia,” mindset, they just couldn’t […]

DeSantis Creates New Police Unit to Pursue Election Crime

Hunter Crenian /
Everyone knows that election integrity has been a major concern over the last year, and for good reason. States like Georgia and Texas have passed laws to ensure that future elections will be more secure and fraud harder to achieve. But Florida, with their conservative and hard-hitter of a governor, Ron DeSantis, is about to […]

House Republicans Declare BBB Deal ‘Dead’

Nick_Raille_07 /
Every time someone discusses the Build Back Better plan, it dies just a little more. Well in an interview with Breitbart several House Republicans have declared the BBB as dead. Reps. Drew Ferguson (R-GA); the House Republican Chief Deputy Whip, Kat Cammack (R-FL); and Warren Davidson (R-OH) spoke following the recent path of victory for […]

Now Here Is a Great Idea! NY Governor Releases Hundreds More Violent Criminals Amidst Crime Wave

There were rumblings that Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul is more of a moderate type. We were even willing to believe them at first. Now that we have had some time to see how this woman operates? We are starting to think that this woman might be just as bad as Governor Cuomo was. […]

Trump Begins “Virtually Unprecedented” Midterm Fundraising Haul

Since Democrat Joe Biden was announced the winner of the 2020 general election, everyone has wondered whether or not former President Donald Trump would run again in 2024. The question is still largely up in the air at this point. Rumor has it that he wants to. Then again, there are more than a few […]

Yet Another Biden Campaign Lie Exposed! Russian Bounty Story Wasn’t True – Just Like All of the Other Lies About Trump

The deep state Democrats’ lies are being exposed on a regular basis these days and we are all about it. Seasoned readers probably remember when the Gateway Pundit let the world know that the “Russian bounties” stories were total fakes. The mainstream media was not so quick to share that. “The fake New York Times […]

Biden Admin Declares Murdering Conservatives Is Now OK! This Is What America Has Become Under Biden!

This is not unexpected for us but that does not make it any less of a cruel blow. The Department of Justice is not going to be charging the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol riots. The worst part of all is that they seem to tacitly endorse these actions. The Associated Press […]

Biden’s Army of Thugs Attack and Burn Down Portland Police Station With Officers Inside

The City of Roses used to be a city of peace. Now, it has become a city that will never stop burning. The rioters are making sure of it. The rule of law means nothing to these people. The warm weather is here, so you know the vandals and rioters are going to be out […]

And the Democrat Propaganda Machine Continues to Attack Georgia’s Fair Election Laws

Since this law was passed, the Democrats have been on the warpath. They have decided that it is time to go on a public relations rampage and we are getting tired of it. This story serves as an insane microcosm of the awfulness that is currently going on. There are two possibilities in this particular […]

Iowa Standing up to Biden’s Insane Child Abuse at the Border, Refuses to Take In Biden’s Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds received a request from the Biden administration about her willingness to house minors that are unaccompanied. As the border crisis continues to worsen, Biden is left to find solutions that are imperfect at best. The illegal immigrants are now being moved further into the country, which is a recipe for disaster. […]

Arkansas Senate Passes Bill to End Mask Mandates Forever

In the last few weeks and months, we’ve seen a growing trend across the nation to refuse government mandates on coronavirus-related restrictions such as wearing masks. States like Texas, Florida, Indiana, Alaska, Arkansas, just to name a few, have already dropped the ridiculous guidelines that suggest everyone should be wearing a face mask or some […]

Harris Proves She is Worse Than Joe Biden Could Ever Be

The iconic resemblance of Kamala Harris and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is freakish. In every photo, both of them always have their heads tilted and their mouths open. As if they are waiting for them their next meal to buzz into the mouths.  Harris loves sitting in the vice president’s office. She sees herself as finally arriving […]

The Fall of the Mighty! Cuomo Continues to Implode Over His Intentional Mass Murder of Nursing Home Residents

New York Senate Democrats have had enough of Governor Cuomo’s antics. They are finally moving to strip him of the emergency pandemic powers that he never should have had in the first place. Now that the FBI and US Attorney in Brooklyn are poking around, people are starting to get nervous. They are looking to […]

The Great Purge Continues! Twitter Bans Project After Leaked Video of Dorsey Admitting They Helped Biden

Big Tech is purging all of the accounts that they don’t like and the world of social media is stuck in a holding pattern. It feels like one of our favorite follows is getting their Twitter account deleted on a daily basis. It’s sad and worrisome but of course, the liberals are still cackling and […]

Trump Is Under Pressure to Take One Final Swing at China Over the Uighar Slave Issue Since Biden Has Never Had a Problem With It

It’s no secret how China is deeply entrenched in the use of slave labor to assist in the manufacturing of items many Americans enjoy in their homes. The very shirt on your back may have been stitched by a worker who had no choice in the matter. Republican lawmakers of the House Armed Services Committee […]