Mainstream Media Wanted You To Forget the Waukesha Parade Massacre As Suspect’s Criminal Trial Has Begun

Robert R French/

Just as quickly as he was made infamous by his drive-thru parade massacre, the Waukesha killer’s story disappeared from mainstream media. Then again, he wasn’t a story for them to bank on. He was instead one of the people they refuse to blame- the black man. Their inability to admit when there is a personal responsibility for their actions if you are anything but a white male is incredibly insulting.

In this case, the families of his victims deserve justice for his crimes, and the man behind them Darrell Brooks Jr. deserves to be sentenced for his crimes as the law allows. This man is very evil and has something seriously wrong with him if he’s willing to drive through it at a high rate of speed and mow down numerous people. So numerous in fact that he is facing six counts of first-degree murder and 71 other charges in relation to his actions.

This appearance of Brooks on Friday was his initial arraignment, where he pled not guilty through his attorney Jeremy Perri, and declined a reading of all the charges he is facing. The day before Perri filed motions for a venue change that has yet to be addressed and another unnamed request. Previously they had requested to substitute the original Judge Michael Bohren and now is under the jurisdiction of Chief Judge Jennifer Dorow.

Another tool the defense has expressed interest in using is to have the trial in a different jurisdiction or at least to have the jury selected from people in another country. Their claims that the outpouring of support for the victims and the message of #WaukeshaStrong being so prevalent in the community would make it impossible for him to receive an impartial trial. They have also indicated that either way, they will be requesting the jury be secluded- a difficult and costly process for the court.

Given the appearance of Jill Biden in response to the massacre and the 500 kids who went through counseling as a direct result of his alleged actions, it is no surprise they want these changes. In their minds, it will make it much easier for him to receive a more favorable outcome in his case. As Brooks’ attorneys said in the statement “While publicity is certainly relevant to determining the issue in the present case…Additional factors also demonstrate that, in this case, and in Waukesha County, the passions and prejudice negatively affecting the Defendant’s constitutional right to a fair trial are so great that a change of venue is necessary to ensure a fair trial. An impartial trial cannot be held in Waukesha County.”

In response to the change in judge, a new and separate hearing will be held with Chief Justice Dorrow on March 11th. In response to the motions, Waukesha County District Attorney Sue Opper stated that her office is still reviewing the motions. “We may file a written response in the future, but it would be several weeks out if we do. I do not expect any court hearings or other activity on this case until March 11. Of course, something may come up, but as of now, I anticipate nothing until March 11.”

Brooks was immediately detained following his assault on the unsuspecting crowd that had gathered for a Christmas parade. He was out on bail from a recent incident, and that crime also involved the use of a motor vehicle to commit an assault. When he was initially detained, he faced five counts of intentional homicide, but a sixth charge was added when another victim died. Ahead of his January 14th preliminary hearing the dozens of other charges were added.