Major Victory Against Devilish Al-Qaeda

The United States military has done it again with a major kill of a senior Al-Qaeda leader. The United States military is the best force in the world. There is not a force on the planet that can match the knowledge and bravery of American armed forces.

The sorry terrorist met his demise at the hand of the United States during an operation that was to take down a strategic facility. Al-Qaeda is known for being deceptive and liars. They kill people for their enjoyment while at the same time trying to present themselves as a caring organization. They are nothing more than a terrorist group that needs to be eradicated.

During the raid on the facility, Asim Omar and six of his group were all killed. These six people were responsible for the deaths of countless people. Of the six that were killed one of them was a courier for the terrorist group.

This is a major victory for freedom around the world. Many people are questioning why an Al-Qaeda leader was inside of a Taliban facility. The Taliban organization has been saying that they are breaking ties with the terrorist group but this would just confirm the opposite.

On one hand, they are telling President Trump and the world that they are not terrorists. But secretly they are conspiring with the enemy. One reason why people need to trust President Trump when he broke off negotiations with the Taliban after they were responsible for the murders of innocent people. But the death of this high ranking official is just good news around the report.

But the question remains why was this man seen and now killed in a Taliban building? The answer is obvious. They have not broken ties like they are telling everyone.

The Taliban are in league with Al-Qaeda and there is no reason why people should believe any differently. Al-Qaeda is a murderous terrorist organization. Their goal is to attack the free world at any cost. They strive on causing fear and terror wherever they can be found.

Part of the agreement with the United States that the Taliban were trying to work towards was the removal of American Troops. The removal of troops would mean that Al-Qaeda would be free to start up their terrorist activities under the protection of the Taliban.

So why wouldn’t the Taliban stage the breaking of ties with the murderers? If they can get the United States to believe that they have broken ties, then the troops would go. But President Trump is not falling for their lies.

The dirty Taliban once controlled all of Afghanistan. It was until they lost control of the government in 2001. Since that wonderful day, they have been fighting to regain control. It is all about power for them.

The Taliban does control a lot of the country, but they are not in power. What the Taliban wants is for their enemies to be destroyed. They may agree on paper with what the United States demands, but they certainly do not believe it in their hearts.

The death of this top official is just the icing on the cake for so many people. To topple the Taliban and Al-Qaeda means the deaths of their leaders and all who follow them. They do not care who they hurt or kill as long as they can regain power.

Both groups also hate those of different faiths. When they run across Christians they are quick to film their deaths. President Trump was right in pulling out of the negotiations with the Taliban after they killed a bunch of people at a wedding.

The world needs more heroes like are found in the United States military. Their bravery and willingness to volunteer to protect their country domestically and abroad serve to remind the people of this great nation that freedom comes with a cost.

That cost is the lives of the men and women of the United States military. They are the true heroes that make being an American worth every minute of it.