Mark Hamill Proves Just How Classless Liberals Can Be

The saying is true; you can’t always judge a book by its cover. But that cover does provide some vital information on occasion. And it gives us a great inclination of what is to be found inside.  No, not every stereotype can be proved in most cases. But sometimes, just sometimes, they can be. Such is the case with actor Mark Hamill, “Star Wars” franchise’s Luke Skywalker.

This weekend he proved to be precisely what we have long thought, a classless liberal with absolutely no shame.

Hamill has long been a liberal actor and someone who is known not to love or be remotely fond of Trump. However, like most of the leftists of Hollywood, we have ignored him and just went on.

However, his reaction to an utterly unpolitical post by Ivanka Trump this past weekend showed just how far off base he and his progressive cohorts are.

Ivanka posted a picture on her Twitter account on Saturday with her family. It was taken in their living room and included her, her husband Jared Kushner, and their children. It’s not a posed picture, proving the family to be perfect. Instead, it shows a healthy home life, with toys and books strewn about the coffee table and couch, while children play.

One child, the youngest boy, at age three, was dressed in a “Star Wars” stormtrooper costume. And so naturally, Ivanka wrote, “The Force is strong in my family.”

It’s a cute photo of a family at is best, having fun and allowing children to be just that, even in a world where their parents are often engaged in much more severe demands.

It’s one that you would see in your feed, smile at, and move on. For Trump supporters, you might like it or make a sweet comment.

For those that don’t like Trump, you would likely just ignore it, or at the worst roll your eyes. After all, this is a reminder that even though you think Trump is a racist cad, he has a gorgeous daughter who has proved to be successful not only in business but also in her home life and is living out the American dream.

But that would be as far as most would take it. After all, these are kids just being kids.

And yet, something about the picture must have struck a nerve with Mr. Hamill because he did not respond well at all and even invoked thinly-veiled obscenity.

He wrote, “You misspelled ‘Fraud.’” While this isn’t the worst Ivanka has been called to be sure, it still has no place next to a photo of children who so obviously idolize his most famous movies and role. But what was added next is absolutely shameful. The hashtag “GoForceYourself” followed his previous barb.

I hardly even know where to begin with this. If Ivanka had posted a photo of herself or an adult family member degrading Hamill’s role or life, I could see such a reaction. Possibly. Minus, the embarrassing sexual connotations about the first daughter and her children. But a child with no political opinion and one who clearly loves the franchise that made Hamill famous?

For a party that is always throwing the #MeToo movement in everyone’s face and accusing even the most prestigious offices in the nation of sexual abuse, assault, or harassment, they sure don’t have any qualms about throwing it out themselves.

Can you imagine if someone had said this about Michelle Obama? That person would likely be thrown into a cell for the rest of their life for even thinking such a thing. But no, the left apparently has a different set of standards for themselves.

And the public sees right through it. Many commented with outrage on Hamill’s classless remarks.

One person said, “It’s a picture of a kid in a costume from your movies. I know Disney wimpifying your character was tough on you but get a life man.”

Another stated, “What a badass you are! Putting a small child in his place. Resist.”

And this one says it all, “In my opinion you have covered yourself in shame, with a comment which is utterly inexcusable and screams spoiled, snotty, ingrate, choking in Hollywood elite institutional leftism chic. That opinion will inform my entertainment spending decisions from here, I feel sure.”

I think he lost some fans on this one. Just goes to prove all the money in the world can’t buy you an ounce of class.