Massive Cover-Up Exposed Within White House As They Tried To Protect Joe Biden


Joe Biden has the mouth that Democrats everywhere wish they could keep from speaking. When the man opens his mouth, no one is sure of what exactly will come out. His administration and staff are stretched to their limits trying to define and clean up the messes he keeps making. And the latest comments he made about world affairs have a lot of his staff pushing brooms trying to clean up his verbal mess.

RedState noted that the president claimed that there would not be any troop deployment to Ukraine. He tried to pass off his statement as meaning that Poland would be training Ukrainians. But the way he messed up his words again set off a fiery battle between people that thought the United States military was training people to fight against the Russian in Ukraine.

And now that the old man has everyone questioning what reality, the White House is trying to make friends and clarify what he stated. They came back and tried to redefine what he said and made it sound like they were interacting with people in Poland. They have a nasty habit of redefining words to make them fit their bloated agenda.

The confusing looks of the people around Biden tell the story perfectly. Every time the old man gets ready to give a speech, he is reminded to stick to the notecards to avoid getting off-topic. He must be reminded that he cannot call on reporters out of order because his questions are given to the reporters ahead of time. And he cannot elaborate on anything without approval from the real people that run the White House.

Kate Bedingfield is the White House Communications Director, and she wishes that her job was strictly communications and not old man cleanup duty. She hinted that she was confused about why the president seemed to be talking about tanks and then started revealing training exercises in Poland.

The evidence of a sick president is ever-present. People have suspected that Joe Biden has struggled with dementia for over a year. Many people have called on the old man to undergo regular health screenings, but so far, he has resisted, and no one wants to make him go through with the requests. The Democrats are scared that he would deem unfit, and Kamala Harris would take over.

Bedingfield’s message is that Joe Biden cannot be taken at his word. He cannot get facts straight in his head, and he certainly cannot determine the suitable courses of action in a crisis. She is telling people that they cannot trust a word that he says because his mental state has declined to the point where reality and fiction blur together.

All the Democrats protecting Biden can do is try and avoid direct answers and confrontation with people seeking the truth. They must keep hiding and protecting the man as long as possible because Kamala Harris would be an even bigger mess than they are not ready or prepared to handle.

Joe Biden has been in politics for longer than he should have been allowed to stay. The mindset that he has now is unstable, and he needs help. America sits in a dangerous place because the man with mental issues is also the one that can cause an incident because of the way that he tries to engage people. One miss-spoken word can cause a war or fight that he is not ready to handle.

There was a time when Joe Biden could at least read a few lines and not mess things up. But those times have come and gone now that he has progressed to a point where he cannot determine reality from fiction. There is no amount of help or coverup that the White House can do to keep things hidden for much longer. People know that the president is crazy, and they are ready for a change.