Maybe the Coronavirus Really is the Zombie Apocalypse!

Preppers. They’ve been ready for years. Their homes are loaded for any apocalypse that might come their way. Whether it’s a plague, an asteroid, or zombies, they’re prepared to deal with the collapse of society.

Now, the zombie apocalypse is something that’s seen in games and movies, and TV shows. There are plenty of people who appear to have their sanity intact. Yet, they’re actually waiting for the zombies to show up at any time.

As soon as news struck about the COVID-19 pandemic, preppers went into crisis mode. They bought up more toilet paper, batteries, and other supplies. They wanted to make sure they had whatever they needed.

After all, anyone infected could become a zombie. Then, as people became infected, it was clear that it wasn’t the zombie apocalypse. Not yet, anyway. But wait – the vaccine could result in unknown side effects. What if that would be what would cause the zombie apocalypse? Another wave of panic ran through the prepper society.

The idea of zombies roaming the earth is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Are they dead or not? Will they really be able to infect all of society so that we’re all feeding on brains? What happens when there are no humans left and we’re all just zombies?

It’s the talk of myths from centuries ago mixed with the overactive imaginations of the top sci-fi writers of our time.

But what if the coronavirus really is the start of the zombie apocalypse?

A story about “zombie minks” in Denmark has surfaced, and more people are starting to wonder what is going on.

Minks had become infected with a mutated strain of the novel coronavirus at a mink farm. After 11 people had gotten sick from that same strain, there was the decision to kill those animals. There was no sense in keeping them alive if they had the ability to spread the virus.

Danish authorities have reported that the bodies of the dead minks had risen to the surface of their makeshift graves. They were buried just outside of Holstebro in military training fields. Gases that built up in the decomposing bodies caused them to rise to the surface.

But – why did they rise so significantly? Is it possible that something about the coronavirus caused the bodies to become reanimated?

Luckily, there was no actual movement from the minks. However, they’ve been referred to as zombies because they physically rose from the grave (due to the gas buildup).

So, authorities decided to get serious. The bodies were covered in chalk and buried in trenches that were 8 feet deep. The gravers are also going to be monitored by authorities until a fence can be erected around the graves.

Environmental officials had concerns because the mink were also close to a lake. Could that lead to pollution? Could the bodies of the mink that are infected with the coronavirus leech into the soil, into the lake, and lead to a mass-scale infection?

So, the bodies are being reburied, though some have suggested cremation. After all, everyone knows that cremating a body is the only way to prevent being able to rise up as a zombie.

The treatment of the mink could be the start of the zombie apocalypse. Or, the government could get the situation under control before it’s not just mink bodies that are rising from the grave.

Realistically, the dead minks aren’t actually moving around Denmark, so it appears that there’s no need to panic.

Across the U.S., where there have been hundreds of thousands to have died from the coronavirus, not one has risen from their graves. Even as people have gotten the vaccines, there are still no zombies.

We’re safe. The preppers can calm down. Leave the toilet paper on the shelves so that others can get to it. Let the supply chains recover so that everyone can get the supplies they need.

The zombie apocalypse doesn’t seem to be heading our way anytime soon, so we can all relax.