Media Found Doctoring Numbers to Boost COVID-19 Numbers

The monstrous media continues to patronize the Chinese leadership by calling the China virus the Wuhan virus. People need to remember that it was China that unleashed the horrors of COVID-19 onto the world.

That one act of terror ended up becoming the vessel by which the nasty Democrats would hide their socialist control and election fraud behind.

But every good cheat takes things too far. And all through the liberal controlled regions, there is such a backlash from their hypocrisy and lies that they are being exposed as criminals.

The Republicans have given a stable balance to the entire issue. Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota decided that she would subject the people under her leadership to the whims of the wacky liberals.

The media has noticed her approach to the virus and has moved in to attack her at every turn. The media would pressure her to adopt the “lock it all down” mentality. But she refuses to be pressured by the media or any other liberals nutjob that thinks they have all the answers.

Media reporters attack the Republicans and praise the liberals. In the case of Andrew Cuomo, they award him for his approach to the virus. But what they fail to report is that he deliberately killed the elderly and destroyed the economy in New York state. They try and praise him as a hero when he is nothing more than a silent murderer.

And now, Cuomo and Newsom are refusing to accept the vaccine on the grounds that a Republican president oversaw its development. Democrats are untrustworthy, and they certainly have a problem trusting others.

The latest attacks that Noem is enduring at the hands of the terrorist media. CBS News allowed their lying reporter David Begnaud to state that South Dakota “leads the nation in per capita hospitalizations.”

Noem fired back with the facts and revealed how crooked Begnaud is with his reporting skills. She stated that “More misleading reporting from CBS. There are 547 people -STATEWIDE- in the hospital in South Dakota w COVID. That’s less than 20% of those hospitalized. Nearly 40% of our beds are empty. Our doctors & nurses are doing an OUTSTANDING job taking care of those who need extra care.”

Reporters like Begnaud push people away from watching the news. No one can stomach the lies and fake reports coming off of their lying lips. The media inflates the facts and numbers pouring in on COVID-19 and makes it sound like mass graves are being dug around the country with millions being thrown inside.

The meddling reporters deliberately leave out the big picture and essential facts to make their news exciting. For some reason, they think that if the news were boring, people would not want to listen to their reports. People only want the facts. They do not want to be lied to any longer.

The issue comes down to how the news is reported. These reporters use words that make things seem worse off than what they are. If a county sees ten new cases in one day and the previous day there were only 10; they will claim that the number of cases in that area doubled. But they never tell the figures because they want people to think that there are thousands of cases breakout everywhere.

They are misleading people on purpose to promote Democratic theology and work to boost their ratings. The news should only report the facts and leave the opinion-making up to the people. A Republic is governed by the people and not the elected.

Noem and the people of South Dakota are doing things right. They are doing what is best for them in the region in which they live. The media and Democrats have no business trying to tell them how to run their state.

President Trump was wise to leave the matter of the virus to the states. Different areas will have to adapt things to work in their areas. What worked in Maine will not work in Florida. A national mandate will never fix the issue. But letting the states take care of things themselves will make things easier on everyone in the months to come.