Meet the Man That Scares the Media to Death…It’s Not Who You Think!


The media is in an all-out panic as they constantly fail at smearing Republicans. Their recent attacks on Ron DeSantis have been highly embarrassing for those that venture a try. Each time they take on the Floridan giant, they hurry back to their holes, licking their wounds. The man has an impressive character that cannot be tarnished with a pack of lies from the liberal left.

DeSantis represents what the Republican Party has become in the past year. It is a party for the people and by the people. The Democrats are a party of greed and terror. And they cannot stand the fact that they will lose a lot of power in the coming months.

Many of the attempts to smear DeSantis have come at critical times in American well-being. They tried to pin unethical conduct on him as he enabled Publix to be one of many distribution sites for the vaccine. The media ran a broadcast stating that he gave them the contract because of their campaign donations. But in the end, Floridan Democrats would debunk the accusations themselves.

And then came along the fake Rebekah Jones. The Democrats found her complaining about losing her job because she was terrible at what she was doing. She tried to tell that DeSantis ordered her to change numbers related to the state’s health department. She tried to be a whistleblower but ended up being exposed as a fraud and a liar.

The media also burst into tears when DeSantis banned them from attending a bill signing ceremony. The governor did not want the liars around twisting the truth. He is keeping the poisonous vipers away so Floridians can live in peace.

The media marched over and got ahold of Hannah Dreier and got her to attack DeSantis with claims of acting too slow in responding to the collapsed building in Miami. They tried to make it sound like he was a heartless thug—a title reserved for Joe Biden as he sides with murderers and criminals.

The building collapse is a terrible tragedy. But DeSantis did not wait for a response. Becket Adams noted that “For starters, the Florida Division of Emergency Management was activated minutes after the collapse. First responder groups, including the famed Miami-Dade Urban Search and Rescue team, were on-site immediately.”

Dreier only proved that she does not understand how emergency services operate in Florida. FEMA is not in the business of performing search and rescue operations. They are more of a support team. The Miami-Dade USAR group was dispatched to the scene within minutes of the accident. They are the ones that perform search and rescue.

The media is on the march to smear any person seeking to run against their beloved Democratic Party. They all know that there is not a candidate in their ranks that can honestly stand up to people with the track record of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

The ironic part of the media attacking DeSantis is that they inadvertently give him the publicity that he needs to rise to the top. They want to make him out to be a terrible man but prove that he is the man that the country needs at the helm. He will be the one that can right all the wrongs that Biden is doing to the nation.

The humiliating defeat in 2016 was just the start of a conservative revolution to retake the country. The Democrats needed to cheat to take the next four years in 2020. And now that all of their secrets are out in the open, they will not be able to get away with the crimes they committed in 2020.

Donald Trump put fear in the liberal’s mind. They see conservative conspiracy everywhere they look. And the funny part is that what they perceive to be reality is nothing more than a fictitious story made up in the mind of a deraigned president.

The media is going to be the sole force that puts DeSantis at the top. He could not have planned better coverage of himself. The panicking media is self-imploding, and it is a sight to behold.