Meet the Man Who Tried to Hire ISIS to Get Back at Universities

There is no end to the evil that is found within certain people. A man living in the state of Florida has found a new way to bring terrorism to the borders of the United States. His idea was to hire ISIS to come and attack two deans from Miami colleges.

The man was angry because he had been expelled by one college, and then he was suspended by the second. Schools do not just expel people for the fun of it. In his twisted mind, this man believes that he can act any way he wants without having to pay for the consequences for his actions.

This crazy man is now having to face federal charges for the murders that he was trying to orchestrate. He is officially charged with trying to hire someone to commit an act of violence against another person. Salman Rashid is the man trying to hire terrorists to take out people that he does not like.

He believes that his actions are permissible, and he should live above the law. Rashid claimed that he had to experience “attacks on Muslims” while attending the schools. So instead of enlisting the help of the police, he went to his government of authority in his life and that is the ISIS regime.

This proves that Muslims in this country believe they are above the law. They believe that they should only have to answer for their actions in accordance to Muslim rule. Islam is a danger to everyone that lives free around the world. No matter what they say, they are a danger, and they will stop at nothing to hurt and murder people that do agree with their way of life or beliefs.

Rashid has a violent tendency toward the United States. Many of his social media posts were being investigated. In one post he advocated for the “violent overthrow of democracy” and the “establishment of Islamic law.”

The stupid man is the one that started all the problems. In 2018, he was reported to have been threatening another female student. He was also stalking her to the point that the lady felt unsafe and threatened. He acts as he can just do it to other people, but gets upset when he is a target. It was then that he was expelled from the school for threatening behavior.

The Islamic people live like they are better than everyone else. At the core of their beliefs is the promotion that Islam is all good and everything else is bad. This dirty dog went so far as to try to contact ISIS to get them to carry out a terrorist attack against the two schools. His plan might have worked except he was too stupid to realize that the FBI was already on to him, and he was meeting with an FBI agent who was posing as an ISIS person. The funny part about him being caught is that the FBI got him to spill his plan over several months. The entire stupid genius never figured out he was being played.

His hatred for the two schools was blinding to the point that he got caught before he ever got started. He wanted the ISIS group to attack the schools or some form of a religious establishment. He went to tell the FBI agent that the bombs should be made as large as possible. He even provided the areas that the bombs should be placed. This man premeditated the bombing of two schools he stalked the campus and took notes about where security would be. He had done his homework. Except for the person he was meeting.

The school was advised of the following by the FBI “At this time, the F.B.I. has advised us that there is no additional threat or need for heightened security. We have informed the campus community and used the opportunity to again remind employees and students to always remain alert and vigilant, and if they see or hear something, to say something.” The stupid Rashid gave up his life because he was made at a few people. He could end up in prison for the next 20 years of his sorry life.