Meghan McCain Lights Into Joy Behar Over Vaccine Comments

ABC’s “The View” was once again the location of a clash between former Fox News host Meghan McCain and longtime fellow host of their current show, Joy Behar.

Behar made some claims that McCain considered offensive about those who were hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine, which caused McCain to trend on Twitter when she responded that conservatives not getting vaccinated wasn’t just to “own the libs.”

According to The Daily Wire’s coverage During their show, there was a clip of presidential medical advisor Dr. Anthony Faucy who spoke on CNN about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recent update about mask-wearing saying that those who have been vaccinated didn’t need to wear masks indoors, in most cases.

That news caused an uproar across the nation, from those who considered it irresponsible as well as those who were incensed that the CDC had the audacity to continue to act as if they were the grantors of freedoms of American citizens.

Host Whoopi Goldberg asked Behar if she believed Fauci was trying to clear up confusion but Behar said that she thinks “for some reason” Fauci is being diplomatic when he shouldn’t be:

“It’s not that complicated, people. It’s not nuclear physics, alright? All you have to do is get the d*** vaccine,” Behar snapped. “When you go inside, wear a mask. Even if you have the vaccine, there might be variants around.”

The longtime “View” regular went on saying, “What is the complicated problem here with people? I don’t understand. This is just to own the libs? Maybe they’re not seeing enough on television the way people suffer when they get this disease. Even though the numbers are going down, people are still dying from it. … You’re not owning the libs by not getting the shot.”

However, McCain had a much different take on the presidential medical advisor and his push for vaccinations:

“The messaging is absolute garbage coming from Fauci, and it’s not just about owning the libs,” McCain said. “The demographics on who is vaccine-hesitant, it crosses the gamut. There’s still a lot of hesitancy in the African American community.”

While vaccinations have rolled out nationwide and communities from all geographic, social-economic, and political viewpoints have partaken in the treatment, there hasn’t been the universal trust in vaccines that some hoped.

In addition to the speed at which vaccines were delivered for an only recently discovered strain of the coronavirus, there have been questions about who is profiting from the vaccines, whether injuries are being accurately reported and if the emergency order is being kept in place specifically to allow the lightly tested therapies to stay on the market.

McCain spoke to just a few of those issues when she added, “I think that, again, the White House and the CDC has done a terrible job in just saying, ‘What, do you wanna own the libs and that’s that?’ Like, it’s not productive,” she said.

“That’s why people keep going into their corners, and this is coming from a place of fear, I don’t think it’s coming from a place of politics. People just don’t understand and don’t know, and I don’t like to judge people who aren’t accessible to the same kind of resources and education I am. But this is a serious, serious problem in this country.”

When Behar responded that “people of every color” are questioning the government’s intentions due to being “burnt” for generations, McCain responded by saying that in addition to that potential hang-up, she believes Republicans, in particular, have a reason to be skeptical.

Essentially Behar stood up for people of color who don’t want to take the vaccine, saying they have reason to be skeptical of the government, but said conservatives are just Fox News watching idiots that should trust everything the government says.

McCain said that while she thinks people should get the shot, she can understand anyone, especially conservatives, questioning the government because of recent treatment.

They both yelled, McCain yelled more, Behar tried to get the last word in, and Goldberg took the show to a break.

Now you’re all caught up.