Military to Stand Down…But for How Long?

Joe Biden is weak. In his ability to “understand” the military, he has made sure that the entire world knows that he’s weak. And he’s weakened the military along with him.

There’s a 60-day stand-down across the force because that’s what Joe Biden’s administration needed. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is planning to address extremism found within the ranks.

According to Austin, there is going to be a posture review. It will look at permanent bases and structures around the world.

The posture review means that there won’t be any drawdowns on troops in Germany or anywhere else.

Trump had promised that troops would be coming home. He made sure that the U.S. didn’t get involved in any wars. He protected the military.

Now, Biden is keeping troops where they are. He’s breaking the promises made by a previous president simply because he’s confused.

There will still be rotational deployments across the force. There will also be troop assistance due to the fighting inside of Yemen.

However, the stand-down may go on for more than 60 days. It all depends on what is discovered during this posture review. Further, the Pentagon will be consulting allies and partners.

Biden is proving that he will be just like Obama. This is all about getting situated so that he can make significant budget cuts. Obama severely handicapped the military during eight years in the Oval Office. Any progress made by Trump is about to be lost because Biden will follow Obama’s example.

Troops in Afghanistan are staying put, too. It’s all part of the stand down.

There’s likely a reason why we’re standing down. We’re not pulling any troops out of Europe to come home because Biden may send us into another war.

Biden has announced that the U.S. will no longer offer support in the operations of the Saudi-led war in Yemen. A special envoy has been appointed to seek a diplomatic solution.

So, while the U.S. scurries away from previous support, we’re standing down.

Biden claims that the war has to end, yet he’s having the military stand down.

This is the time for action. Long before Biden got into the Oval Office, the military had their marching orders. Things were going fine.

Now, Biden wants to butt in. He wants to review the objectives.

Even though the Department of Defense has stated before that there is no military solution to Yemen’s conflict, Biden wants to find a way.

Standing down is dangerous. It means that military forces will relax. While we will not retreat, we will also not be at the ready. It means that there are ways for nefarious forces to move in. China or Russia could easily take advantage of the U.S. military standing down.

The DoD has provided non-combat assistance for the coalition operations. Upon standing down, all of that comes to a screeching halt. It means that intelligence, advice, and best practices are no longer offered. It also means that civilian casualties could increase.

The extremism in the ranks is to examine whether there are members of hate groups within the military. It’s to take the issue a step further based on the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

It was found that many who were a part of the insurrection had military ties.

Standing down is a rare way to address the problem. The Biden administration and Defense Secretary Austin are taking the threats seriously. They want to address the extremism.

Isn’t there a way to address the extremism without a stand down? We cannot risk everything to deal with a few bad seeds.

It’s as if Biden wants a complete overhaul of the military. We don’t have the luxury of such a thing. As a result, his belief that insurrectionists in the military are out to get him will bring the military down to its knees.