Millennials are Being Lied to…Socialism Will Destroy America

It may come as no great surprise to learn how 70% of millennials say they would support a socialist presidential candidate. The idea of free tuition, free healthcare, and government assistance even for the able-bodied, has falsely given them the notion that these and similar programs will be provided at absolutely no cost. So what’s not to like?

But who can blame them for jumping on a train that promises them things they would ordinarily have to struggle to afford, and the fact of how they would not have to work all that hard to attain these freebies? What they fail to realize is how they are licking the spoon of propaganda they’re being force-fed by all of the wrong elements.

This is precisely why failed presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, gained so much popularity among the younger crowd. His pie-in-the-sky approach promised them a future filled with rainbows, and since socialism has never been tried in America, what the heck, why not go for it?

There is a very good reason to not go for it and the proof is in the pudding. Socialism has never worked, and it has been tried elsewhere, time and time again. One needs to look no further than at current day Venezuala where the general masses wonder day in and day out where their next meal is coming from.

It didn’t work in Great Britain following WWII, it didn’t work when Israel gave it a shot, and it certainly failed in the previous Soviet Union. The economic premise of socialism does not take basic human rights into account, so therein lies one of its major faults.

Socialism destroys a person’s ambition to advance since doing so would leave them no better off than those with no ambition. Referring once again to Venezuela, 90% of its citizens live in poverty, even though the country at one time had the world’s largest oil reserves. But when ambition is not appropriately rewarded, everybody loses.

Millennials like to refer to Denmark as the perfect country that has done everything correctly. Sure the country offers every citizen a free education and free healthcare, but they also have one of the highest tax rates on personal income in the world, at 45%, or almost one-half of a person’s hard-earned paycheck. Perfect? No way.

It’s also been claimed how socialism takes care of everyone in a more compassionate way, but this is not true either since individualism is not part of the plan. Socialism views a population as a whole. Any special needs an individual has that may fall outside of the realm of strictly mandated guidelines is their tough luck.

In the former Soviet Union, citizens lived under the watchful eye of big brother to assure nobody was trying to take advantage of what the government offered. If someone was caught doing so, the penalty was harsh.

Another huge misconception by millennials is how socialism gives all of the power back to the people where it belongs. This is total fiction. The government remains in charge of the economic programs and continues to call the shots, so in reality, the government actually has greater power than they would in a democracy. And this is how dictators are born.

The Soviet Union and China, under socialist rule, built huge prison camps, such as the gulag, to lock up any dissidents who wised up to the reality of how inhumane life had become. The respective governments could not allow these people to taint the rest of the population by speaking the truth.

With all of the misconceptions about socialism being drilled into the heads of America’s young and still naive population, it has become the responsibility of an older and wiser generation to properly educate them. A generation who has witnessed the travesties inflicted by a so-called “free for everyone” economic program.

The next time you hear any millennial praising socialism as a better way of life, don’t argue with them or you’ll get nowhere. Sit them down and explain to them what the end consequences would be, and most importantly, how it has never worked anywhere it has been tried. Ever.