Milwaukee Woman Fired for Posting Pro-Trump Message

As American citizens, we have the right to express our opinions or beliefs. However, isn’t it odd that only one party seems to be able to actually do so without repercussions? Can you guess which one?

That’s correct. Democrats. For years, they have spouted the need to be able to express themselves freely. And they do. They hold protest after protest, from everything from LGBTQ rights to anti-Semitic remarks and racial innuendos. And yet when those a little more to the right on the political spectrum, try the same thing, the left explodes, calling it an injustice that demands punishment.

And that is precisely what happened to one Milwaukee resident after talking about her support for President Donald Trump on social media.

Robyn Polak, like many of us, decided to repost a pro-Trump article on her Facebook account last week. But apparently, it offended someone, and so she fired from her job as a dental assistant at a local dental office.

The New York Post reported, “Robyn Polak, 35, of South Milwaukee, posted an article from the conservative Daily Wire website praising Trump on Facebook Monday along with a caption saying how ‘extremely lucky’ Americans were to have such an ‘amazing’ commander-in-chief. ‘I don’t care what anyone says!’ wrote Polak, who works as a dental assistant.”

Later in the week, she attended a Trump rally in the city and showed her support to her president by writing “MAGA 2020.”

But as the Post noted, “Those posts motivated a man to post a negative review on her employer’s Facebook page, saying that workers at Precision Dental MKE in Milwaukee should not be ‘spouting racist comments on Facebook,’ according to a screenshot posted by Polak.”

Naturally, her employer noticed the negative review and immediately called Polak to fire her. In addition, they were quick to make a statement on the social media account, responding to the review.

They wrote, “I am so sorry to have learned that this was posted. We are handling the situation in-house as we speak. I assure you that this office does not share those beliefs.”

According to the JS Online, “Polak said, ‘handing it in-house’ meant she got fired over the phone.” She said, “I was taking my son to speech class, doing errands and my boss called and said, ‘We need to terminate you.’ The office manager said it was for the review they got on their Facebook (page), but my name wasn’t on there. They assumed it was me because I’m the only Republican in that office.”

By the sounds of the statement made by the office, you would think she had posted something really damning. However, it turned out to be nothing more than support for her president and country. I ask you: what is so wrong about that?

It’s not like she posted anything about someone being killed. While these are not the only posts she has made in contribution to Trump and his campaign, nothing she has ever said is even minutely resembling of racism or hate.

The worst that we could find her posts was a meme that insinuated that former President Barack Obama was the leader of ISIS. However, these were not her words. She did not even write them. Nor did she say anything about him actually being so.

What this is, is a simple case of common trolling. For those of you that aren’t social media and tech-savvy, that is when many people repost a popular meme or message. It happens all the time because they are funny or agree with someone’s viewpoint. But they are not in any way fact, nor can they even remotely be taken that way, as is evident by their general role.

The left participates in this act all the time. And the memes they put out tend to have a much more sinister meaning. Take the numerous images of Trump being impaled, crushed, or killed in some other obscene manner. Kelly Griffin even has a video of herself holding the chopped off and bloodied head of our president.

And yet no one who has reposted these or sent them out to all their friends as been fired from their jobs or even gotten the least bit of severe criticism.

Polak, unfortunately, is a prime example of the double standard Democrats continue to proport. Thankfully, not everyone is letting it stand, as thousands have come out to support Polak and rave against her employer.