More Questions About Biden’s Mental Health Surface

It’s no secret that Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t exactly the most eloquent of speakers. Even before he was vice president or campaigning for the Oval Office, he was known to make his fair share of gaffes and blunders in public. However, over the last year or so, we have seen his penchant for doing only grow.

Naturally, this has caused many, including some of his former supporters and co-workers, to question his mental abilities.

We were assured that much of his mistakes were due to the increased stress of campaigning itself, you know, being on the road and all, as well as the challenges of being a man in his position. Several on his staff and in the media even seemed to suggest that those blunders would die down once he had taken office, if not cease altogether.

And yet, that’s not exactly what we’ve seen, is it?

Take a recent and impromptu interview over the Fourth of July weekend with a reporter in northern Michigan, for example.

Biden was visiting a smalltown pie shop and making a purchase when a reporter asked if he could “ask you (Biden) a question.” So naturally, as Biden seems unable to say no to the press, as he’s made clear a few times, he said “sure.”

The reporter then proceeded to ask him about the recent cyberattacks carried out on Friday in which over 200 some odd US companies were hacked, supposedly by Russia.

The reporter began, “With the most recent hack by the Russians, would you say that this means.”

Biden cut the reporter off, saying, “We’re not sure it’s the Russians. I got a brief as I was on the plane. That’s why I was late getting off the plane.”

As Biden continued his pie purchase, he was asked, “Do we know who it might be, sir?”

At this point, Biden reached into his pocket and proceeded to pull his handy note cards, saying, “I’ll tell you what they sent me.”

Reading his notes, he paused and then said, “The idea – first of all, we’re not sure who it is for certain, number one. And what I did, I directed the full resources of the government to assist in a response if we determine….”

He paused to speak to the cashier.

“The fact is I directed the intelligence community to give me a deep dive on what’s happened, and I’ll know better tomorrow. And if it is either with the knowledge of and/or a consequence of Russia, then I told (Russian President Vladimir Putting) we will respond.”

Now, to be sure, this is not the most flustered or the most incomprehensible Biden has ever made himself appear. While by no means eloquent, it’s not extremely hard to follow his train of thought. In fact, for the most part, I can actually understand what he’s saying – again, for the most part.

But, in this case, that’s not precisely the point.

The thing you and I should both be concerned about is that Biden had just been briefed on the matter. He even said so himself. He was made aware of the situation and had discussed how it should be handled, depending on the investigation, just mere hours before.

And yet, when asked about it, the only thing he could say without his notes was that he wasn’t sure it was the Russians. Everything else, and there wasn’t much after that, had to be reread, not only for him to understand but for us to get the point as well.

But don’t just think I’m reading into it this way.

There’s camera footage to prove his incompetency, and even his very own White House press secretary Jen Psaki was forced to mention something about his “awkward” display.

As she tweeted out later that day with the attached video, “Yes, yes, he did awkwardly pull out notecards to answer questions he had just been briefed on….”

If that’s not a show of complete lack of faith in our top national leader, I don’t know what is.

Furthermore, it doesn’t exactly encourage confidence that Biden can handle the tasks of his job without help.

I mean, if he can’t handle one reporter in a smalltown pie shop, how exactly is he supposed to handle Putin if it is determined his country is behind these cyberattacks? Is he going to pull out note cards to tell one of the world’s most determined leaders that there will be consequences?

Oh, I bet he’ll be shaking in his boots… Not.

No wonder the G7 was such a failure and embarrassment for the United States.