(MUST WATCH!) Clinton Has Impeachment “ROADMAP” Saying There’s Enough to Indict Trump

(MUST WATCH!) Clinton Has Impeachment
(MUST WATCH!) Clinton Has Impeachment "ROADMAP" Saying There’s Enough to Indict Trump

It’s clear Hillary is STILL really BUTTHURT about her loss to President Trump.
During an interview at TIME 100 conference of top celebrities of the year, she told the crowd she has a “roadmap” to impeach the President.
Here’s what she said when she briefly spoke about the Mueller Report,

“I’m really of the mind that the Mueller report is part of the beginning…because there’s still so much more that we should know and that we should act upon… And we’re a long way from knowing because we need to get the full report — the unredacted version.”

Then she spoke of a “roadmap” to impeach the President saying,

“Actions that undermine the integrity of our government. That placed the personal or political interests of a president over the interests of the nation. And in so doing we were able to make a case that was accepted by the Judiciary Committee that then voted out articles of impeachment on a bipartisan basis.
So I know what it looks like and I know what is required to do it in a way that wins the trust of not only the congress but of the American people. But I certainly think that the roadmap that some call it…”

Keep in mind, this is coming from a person who has lost TWO Presidential elections and is constantly reminded of it (mostly because she can’t stop herself from whining about it). She was also part of the Watergate investigation, where her former boss reported she was fired for being “a liar” and “unethical.

And now SHE’S telling the world Trump should be indicted?

Rush Limbaugh Defends Trump

Rush Limbaugh joined Fox News’ Martha McAlester and WENT OFF on how Hillary Clinton is the one who NEEDS to be investigated, indicted and thrown in jail!

Should Hillary Clinton be investigated, indicted and thrown in jail?
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