National Intelligence Doesn’t Know How to Be Diverse, Uses Photoshop Instead

What’s the easiest way to show diversity? Be diverse. After all, when you are as diverse as you say you are, that should be easy…right?

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) wanted to show that it was diverse when publishing its annual demographic report. This is a liberal lie at its worst.

Their annual report’s front cover used a stock photo that was, then, photoshopped to include even more diversity. What’s said is that the photo also included the tag line of “Hiring and Retention of Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities in the United States Intelligence Community.”

If ODNI was doing their job properly, demonstrating this diversity using real people should be easy.

Instead, they used a stock photo on Shutterstock that was titled “Portrait of Multi-Cultural Office Staff Standing in Lobby.” Then, to add insult to it all, they photoshopped a woman in a wheelchair on the left and a blind man with his dog on the right.

Journalist Luke Thompson was the first to discover this photoshopped attempt at demonstrating diversity. He tweeted out the before and after version of the stock photo with a comment of how it’s the “worst use” of stock photography.

It’s not surprising that ODNI was unavailable for comment when asked about this photo. What are they supposed to say? Yeah, we aren’t as diverse as we claim to be, so rather than using real photos of real people that we’ve helped, we faked it using free downloads on Shutterstock. That wasn’t going to happen, so they ignored the calls that came from the press.

The DNI is required to submit annual demographic reports as a result of the National Security Act of 1947 along with a Congressional directive. The report offers a summary of those employed in the Intelligence Community, including not only hiring and promotion details but also pay grade representation of those who are minorities, women, and people with disabilities.

Opponents of Critical Race Theory have been attacking the diversity practices of The Pentagon and the Intelligence Community.

The CIA, in particular, has come under fire because of a recent recruiting ad. An employee discussed such topics as racial and sexual identity. A variety of “woke” buzzwords were used.

There’s concern that people are being hired due to their sex or race without the necessary qualifications. Particularly within the Intelligence Community, we want the best – not necessarily the most diverse.

As for teaching Critical Race Theory in the Intelligence Community and within the military, it’s already happening. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley was criticized for defending such teaching. During congressional testimony, he explained that he wanted to understand “white rage.”

If the Intelligence Community is even using words like “white rage” it means that they’re buying into the idea that white supremacy is already ruling the country.

Diversity is great but not if it means that people are hired based solely on their sex or their skin color or their disability. Using a Photoshopped image shows that ODNI may not be doing the best job of being diverse. The use of such deception should create rage across the board, not just “white rage.”

We’re in trouble as a country – especially if the Intelligence Community is buying into the liberal tactics to divide our country. We have to be united. At least, let’s be united in the fact that government agencies shouldn’t be shopping for photos on Photoshop. We’ve had enough deception for a lifetime already, haven’t we?