Nazism Taking Hold in Kansas City

The liberals and Democrats will take any edge they can get to control and manipulate what people can do freely in the United States. The nasty coronavirus has provided them with an ample supply of those chances to change and control people as they see fit. Quinton Lucas is a Democratic Mayor in Kansas City and he believes that it is his right to control people the way Hitler did years ago.

Lucas is under fire for his push to force people to register their activities in public. And he is using the virus as a means to hide his criminal behavior. But one law firm is calling the actions of the man “Nazi-like.”

The law that the wannabe Hitler Lucas put into place requires churches to “surveil, track, and spy” on those people that show up for the church service. In other words, he wants his own secret spy network out there recording the names of people that attend church.

The governing rule that is proving to be Hitler-like is the called the 10/10/10 rule. It means that 10 people can be inside the building, but 50 can be outside the building. The spying part comes on the part of the church as they would be required to record what those people are doing if they are inside the church for more than 10 minutes.

Obviously, Lucas believes that church people are a danger to him and other lousy liberals so they must know what they are doing at all times. He was hoping to catch them in some secret plot to take over the world.

Lucas is hiding behind the virus by claiming that the health department would be able “to more quickly trace, test, and isolate individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19.” What he really wants is to know where his enemies are and what they are doing when it comes to election time.

After all, if people are at church when it is time to vote, then they could not cast a vote against him in the next election. There are so many twisted ways that Lucas can use this information to his favor. Except that he is not going to get away with being the next Hitler.

He stated that people that refused to provide the required information would not be allowed to enter the buildings. This means that he would control those that could come into the church.

He went to state that “Our goal isn’t to see what everyone is doing and be Big Brother.” But that is exactly what he is trying to do. Democrats believe that a big brother style government is best for all people. This means that they can control the actions and rights of all people. They essentially set themselves up as tyrants and dictators over the people.

The right to worship is being infringed on by Lucas. He is violating the Constitution of the land. The lockdown orders being issued by people like Lucas are meant as a control device. Where liberals are in control the lockdowns are not voluntary, they are mandatory. In regions where Republicans are in control, the lockdowns are voluntary, so they do not violate a person’s freedom.

Matt Staver, who is the founder of Liberty Counsel stated that “They’re targeting people and you have to give them your name and contact information as a prerequisite. What did they start doing in Nazi Germany? They started targeting people. They started to collect their names and their data so that they knew who they were and where they’ve been.” And all of those actions led to the death of millions of innocent people.

Churches are being targeted by criminal Democrats in an attempt to persecute the church. Staver maintains that they will fight for the freedoms of the church-going people all the way to the Supreme Court if they have to.

No pastor or parishioner should fear fines or jail time for worshipping in their church building. Freedom of religion is one of the important parts of the Constitution. The liberals have been attacking it for years and need to beaten back in order to get them to stop.