New York Liberals Take After Jews in New York City

Now that the Democrats control the government and are content to look the other way in violence matters, the anti-Jewish segment of society is openly attacking Jews in America. With the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the New York terrorists took up the torch and started attacking the Jews. It was not enough that they tried to murder them in Israel; now they want to do it in America where the liberals will just look the other way.

The American media would not report the matter since they hate the Jewish people. One report stated that Jews were attacked in a heavily Jewish business district in New York City on Thursday night following the announcement of a ceasefire in the Middle East between Israel and Palestinian terrorists.

“The fight in New York City occurred around the same time as a pro-Israel demonstration on Thursday in New York City that also attracted pro-Palestinian counter-protesters. It took place in the Diamond District, a midtown Manhattan street with many Jewish-owned businesses.” These terrorists knew right where to go to get at their targets.

The people involved had no compassion for anyone but themselves. Videos that were posted all over social media clearly showed the hatred that terrorists have for the Jewish people. In one video, it was very clear of their hatred when profanities and four letters words were tossed around like a football.

One new Yorker called the group going after the Jew as “actual terrorists on the streets of New York City.” This group came into a restaurant and spit all over the people. One would think that the liberal mayor would have cried COVID distancing, but that would never happen because he is pro-violence. The people were mobbed because they were Jews.

One of the witnesses would write on his social media page that “These are not Palestinian terror supporters. These are actual terrorists on the streets of New York City. Attacking diners for one reason. They’re Jewish.” If it had been any other group being attacked, the police would have arrested them all.

For these Palestinian attackers to mimic their brothers in the Middle East, they needed to set off their version of rockets through the use of fireworks. The indiscriminate attacks with fireworks would leave marks on a 55-year-old female.

Oliya Scootercaster would report that “showed a pro-Israel demonstrator getting socked in the stomach after attempting to chase down a man who snatched an Israeli flag from his hands. More punches were thrown in tussles between the two sides as NYPD officers stepped in to separate them.”

The Palestinian terrorists are acting just like the Democratic mobs did during the critical events in 2020. They attacked innocent people and made it a point to loot and destroy everything in their path. They hate conservatives and Christians. And they will do anything to get rid of them.

The police were basically helpless to keep the mob from doing any real damage. They would, however, arrest a few people when they turned violent. But the entire mob needed to be dispersed because they were not protesting peacefully. Their intent was physically to harm any Jew that they would come across.

The Anti-Defamation League released a statement from their CEO Jonathan Greenblatt that read, “Disturbing videos appear to show vile verbal assaults and fireworks directed at Jews. Other reports of violence are coming in. We are in touch with law enforcement. While we await more information, let’s be clear: targeting Jews is #antisemitism.”

The violence was even said to spread to the west coast, where some Jews were targeted just because they were Jewish. The liberal mayors may speak out against it, but they need to act on it and punish those who otherwise terrorize the streets. The attacks at the restaurant should have never been allowed, but that is what happens in Democratic-controlled cities.

Those that came out of their cars were said to shout “slogans like ‘Israel kills children’ from one of the cars, before multiple men leave their vehicles to confront diners on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. A fight breaks out, and one man swings a heavy stanchion at the attackers. At least one person was injured.” And the liberals are happy to watch it all on television.