Newscaster Fired After COVID Vaccine Mandate… Here’s the List of Rules She Had to Follow

By Gorodenkoff
By Gorodenkoff

You’d think that at a time when our nation is seeing record low unemployment rates and an all-time high in inflation and supply chain issues everywhere, the last thing any company would be doing is firing the few workers they already have. And yet, for far too many businesses, that’s exactly what we are seeing, thanks to the Biden Administration’s ridiculous and illegal COVID vaccine mandate.

As you likely know, any company that employs 100 or more individuals will be required to force its workers into vaccine submission. The employees must be fully vaccinated by no later than November 22 to comply. And while there doesn’t seem to be any real consequences to a company that doesn’t choose to comply, there are certainly punishments met out to employees who don’t.

Just ask former 10-year veteran newscaster Kim St. Onge of St. Louis.

St. Onge worked for KMOV-TV until recently, when the parent company of the station, Meredith Corporation, implemented the vaccine mandate. Per Biden’s ruling, and those chosen to be adopted by companies such as Meredith, there are exceptions for those who choose not to be fully vaccinated, such as medical or religious reasons.

St. Onge chose the latter, as she is a devout Christian and unsure of contaminating her temple with a still very experimental vaccine. So, she requested exemption, and it was granted to her, but only after they received a verifying letter from St. Onge’s pastor.

But that was far from the end of it.

As you might know, for those that are granted exemption from the vaccines, most companies mandating them are asking for some form of concession from the employee, such as weekly COVID tests proving they do not have the virus and therefore aren’t’ going to be spreading it their other employees. Unsurprisingly, Meredith asked for this, too, as well as a few other things.

For starters, her weekly COVID tests were actually twice a week, and she had to provide a time-stamped picture to prove she was actually negative.

Secondly, she was required to wear a mask at all times. And not just any mask – an N95 mask.

Lastly, St. Onge said that whenever there was an onsite meeting at work, she would be required to sit in another room entirely from her vaccinated colleagues and attend virtually, all while wearing her mask and proving her negative COVID results.

And, apparently, it was this last one that got under St. Onge’s skin enough for her to stand up and say no to it all, knowing that she would be “let go.”

According to St. Onge, she spoke to her union representative, stating that she would not be submitting to these tyrannical and illogical requirements. She was immediately told to pack her things and leave. She did so, but not before also refusing to sign a “non-disclosure agreement worth several thousand dollars.”

As she wrote in a recent Facebook post about her experience, “Some of you will staunchly disagree with my decision. I understand some of you may even feel personally offended by my choice. But, this is too big to stay quiet. Our freedoms are being stripped away… freedoms our parents, grandparents, and so many others fought for.”

She told CBN News and wrote on her Facebook account, she could have probably lived with the first two requirements made of her by Meredith, wearing a mask and being tested often. However, she just couldn’t abide by the last one.

She wrote, “#3 is where I really drew the line and proves this is not just about health. So I’m testing TWICE weekly and wearing an N95 mask, but can’t sit in the same room as my vaccinated colleagues who we now know can not only get Covid but still pass it to others?”

And she’s right. It’s just plain illogical and rather unreasonable to boot.

St. Onge, like so many other Americans as of late, has been given the last straw, so to speak. We all social distanced, we all stayed home for lockdowns, we all masked up when they told us to.

And for what? So the government and companies like Meredith could then just force something else that doesn’t work on us?

It’s time to take a stand like St. Onge did and let them know that we will not be bullied or enslaved. We are Americans who live in the land of the free because of the brave. But we won’t remain free if we don’t become brave and soon.