Newsmax Stabbing Conservatives in the Back? OAN Reports Shocking Money Motivated Move

Conservatives were taken aback when news broke that Newsmax, the haven for many a right-leaning voter disenfranchised with Fox News, was retracting some of their most scathing reporting on the 2020 presidential election.

While viewership that departed Fox in droves seems to have split between Newsmax and One America News Network, it was the latter who got the information to many about the former’s decision to cave to a lawsuit and retract some of their formerly bold reporting about what many believe to be a fraudulent election process.

“Newsmax caved to left-wing pressure by reversing all stories covering fraud in the 2020 election. Early Friday, the media outlet posted a statement to ‘clarify its coverage’ of Dominion voting machines and the ongoing fraud investigation,” OANN reported just days ago.

Newsmax reportedly admitted in a statement that while they did report and support the argument that was being touted by former President Donald Trump, and others, that the Dominion voting machines were under investigation, they themselves, found no evidence of fraud and were therefore retracting some of their coverage.

The threat of a lawsuit seemed to become a reality for the network, who it appears came to a settlement with the voting machine software manufacturer who was drug through the mud after it became widely evident that there were inconsistencies between what they said their machines were capable of, and what they were really being used for at individual precincts.

Newsmax wasn’t alone in their legal troubles with the now infamous software developers. According to OAN President Trump’s campaign staff, attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, as well as One America News, have not caved and are continuing to investigate voter fraud despite the suit against them.

Newsmax’s decision is a disappointment to many, and with good reason. While the accusations against Dominion over their voting software are serious, so is what the United States stands to lose if free elections are taken from them. What is this potential loss, you might ask? In a word, everything.

If people no longer have control over who is elected, they have to either deal with whatever tyranny reigns down on them, or pick up their weapons and fight for their freedoms once again.

There’s no doubt that it’s probably very easy to lose touch with what is at stake when you’re sitting around in your heels and business suits, rolling in the dough and sipping a latte. There’s no mistaking the fact that the kind of monetary hit that Dominion wanted to put on the conservative network was likely substantial enough to make them consider what life after would look like.

And it is of course possible that the network really began to doubt their own reporting. Like many, they may have, at the time that they decided to stick their necks out, believed that the former president would be the president again. They likely felt that they were backing the sure thing, and it wouldn’t matter if they took a swing or two at the other guy, because the winners write the history books.

But win or lose, right and wrong don’t change. If the reporting was done in a way that supported the founded belief that the election was rigged, backing out only solidifies the potential criminals that they can again next time around.

If the original reporting was right, and Americans’ election was stolen, lattes and Christian Louboutins aren’t going to last long. For today the bottom line might be protected, but in the long run, we’re facing down lines at soup kitchens and a complete loss of justice.

So, to Newsmax: we hope you’re right. We hope the election wasn’t stolen and your reporting was an overzealous conquest in the protection of liberty because we wouldn’t want to live in the America that’s coming if you’re not.