Newsom Proposes Releasing Violent Prisoners to Save Money

Democratic California Governor Newsom is a socialist at heart. He has no compassion for the residents in his state. He is considering release a ton of violent criminals just so he can save a dollar for his personal use.

Newsom is a classic example of how a Democrat’s mind works. He only seeks to do things that make him look good. In his polluted mind, he believes that by not have to care for the criminals serving their sentences he can save money.

These people will only hurt law-abiding citizens. Criminals think as the Democrats think. They only do things for themselves at the expense of other people.

He is proposing to flood neighborhoods with these people. There is no thought about people. The only thing he is thinking about is the money that he thinks he is going to save. And he is using the coronavirus as his cover to illegally commute sentences of violent criminals.

On a sad note, he is seeking to close two state prisons and all three of the juvenile prisons. He thinks that minor criminals can live on the outside and not have to answer for their crimes.

The budget that he is proposing to pass limits and defunds law enforcement and keeps them from doing their job. It is no surprise the Democrats hate the police. All over the country, they seek to stop them from being able to protect the people of the United States. The Democrats are the true enemies of the country that internally seek to destroy America as a free country.

Newsom wants to see the inmates getting out quicker than their initial court-ordered sentences. He is overstepping his authority by allowing criminals to get out of prison early. He would have to pardon all the people that he is wanting to let out of prison.

He would also like to shorten the parole time that people can be placed on. He would only allow them to be on parole for two years. In essence, he is removing the teeth and the fear that the law needs to have to keep people from committing violent crimes.

Newsom hates freedoms. He is stripping them from California residents and giving them to criminals that do not deserve to have them. The director of the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Executive Director is Daniel Macallair.

He loves the idea and states that “To reduce the number of people in confinement, we need to reduce the institutions of confinement.” His statement is so backward that it makes no sense. He is seeking the easy way out.

The real way to limit the number of people in the prisons is to help them rehabilitate to normal life and help them see that criminal behavior is not the way that a person should live.

The Democrats have failed the people of America. They no longer seek the best interest of people that call the United States home. The plan that Newsom is proposing will never work. Similar plans have proven to be failures in the past.

Brian Richart is the president of Chief Probation Officers of California. And he has stated that these places “have the most serious needs, which if left unaddressed, pose the most serious risk to our communities.” He realizes that if the prisoners are let out that they will only cause harm to law-abiding citizens.

Newsom wants to try and save the state $400 million a year. He fails to realize that there are betters ways of saving the state money. Instead of releasing prisoners, it would be better to put people back to work and get them off of state-run hand-out programs. At some point, the state is going to have to answer for the terrible management of the budget.

Christine Ward is the Crime Victims Alliance Director and she has stated that “We’re not talking about your small-time drug dealer. We’re talking about the most serious and violent felons in our state. That’s what’s left in our prisons.” She realizes that the people are at risk if Newsom’s plan is put into place.