Newsom Recall Making Dems Eat Their Own Words

The state of California is rejoicing and cheering now that they have met the signature requirement total to have Newsom put on a recall ballot. The issue that has surfaced is one that the Democrats cried about when the election took place. The Republicans wanted signature verification procedures to take place just to verify votes. But the Democrats refused and fought to the death to keep it from happening.

But now that the Republicans are the ones presenting the signatures and the scared liberals are wanting all 1.8 million of them to be verified. It was easy for them to reject when they needed to rush the election process, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, they have to eat their words.

Gavin Newsom is sweating bullets because there are enough people that want him removed from office. But the hypocrisy of what the Democrats want now after they rejected it a few months ago is hysterical.

Newsom was California’s golden boy when he was elected. But like Biden, everyone is starting to see that he is not as great as everyone was led to believe.

COVID-19 changed everything for Newsom. It removed the blinders from the people, and they saw that he is a power-hungry worm looking to destroy every sector of the state. He has shut down all the schools, ruined businesses, increased the homeless population, and driven the wealthy out of the state.

Hi-five for Newsom. He has set himself as a dictator and answers to no one. He gets to eat out while the rest of the state starves. And now he has been found granting contracts to friends and money supporters that are not his to hand out.

The recall party needs 1.5 million signatures in order to kick Newsom out of office. Their goal is to accumulate nearly 2 million before the March 17 deadline. Newsom may have been famous in 2018 when he was elected, but that popularity was destroyed when the coronavirus showed up at his doorstep.

The problem with Democrats is that they do not know the difference between greed and service. For them to serve in politics means to get out of people what is right for them, when it should be to give to people things that would make their lives better.

Newsom certainly is not making anyone’s life better. He shuts off power in the middle of summer. He is destroying the electrical grid by shutting down power plants. And now he is starving people to death by shutting them in their homes until he feels that they can come out and play without causing a disturbance.

The Democrats were known for their late votes and secret ballot hauls at night, destruction of signatures before validation could occur, and did all in areas where the vote would be close. And now that the shoe is their foot, they want all sorts of security to be in place to verify every last signature before turning Newsom over to the wolves.

The hurricane that is sweeping over Newsom is going to pin him to the ground. The floodwaters will drown him out of office, and he will have to return to life as a private citizen.

The recall effort has seen nearly 80 percent of the signatures accepted of the 1.1 million turned in so far. It is reported that almost 300,000 of them are sitting in limbo, just waiting to either be rejected or accepted. And given that the liberals are working the system, they will try and come up with some decision to reject them all.

The hopes and dreams of all Californians to oust Newsom are about to become a reality. With two weeks left to submit the final signatures, the push to finish is ramping up. Newsom is jittery and scared to death because he wants to be powerful. He wants to be able to control people. And with his sights set on bigger things in the future, a recall would ultimately destroy any hopes of stealing the Oval Office from Joe Biden in the near future.