Newsom Refuses to Pay Federal Funds for Struggling Renters

Gavin Newsom is the liberal governor of California that seeks to rip off every hurting person before he is voted out of office. Instead of realizing that the pandemic is over and encouraging people to get back to work, the nasty liberal keeps signing bills that keep people dependent on the government for help. Except in his state, no one is getting the help they need to pay their rent.

Newsom is currently keeping funds sent to help people in need by the federal government. The money is supposed to be passed on to those that need help paying their rent. But Newsom wants to keep the money locked up in his coffers.

The California Democrats love the idea of keeping people dependent on them. The people were told by Gavin Newsom that they could not work for almost a year and that he would take care of their rent. But even after the money came into the state from Washington, Newsom still has not delivered the funds to the needy and hurting.

The liberal lawmakers extended the law that keeps landlords from evicting renters that pay 25 percent of their rent. They will also pay 100 percent of the back rent for the dependent people.

Newsom brags that his state has the most extensive rent program in the country. That is a testimony to the ill-treatment that people receive because he lusts for power and money.

One report has noted that “A state rent relief program, funded by the federal coronavirus stimulus package, had paid out less than 10% of the money that had been requested last week, a glacial pace administrators blamed on complex application requirements and fraud prevention measures.”

The corrupt governor has made it next to impossible for people needing help to get it because of all the restrictions he has put in place. He speaks about helping people but refrains from helping them.

His lack of concern has led landlords to lobby against extending the rules because Newsom is not paying the property owners what he promised them. These are not just people running a business. They are people that own property and are at risk of losing everything because they cannot get the funds from the renters that they promised for them to live at the property.

Republicans have pointed out that Newsom has deliberately mishandled the money. The freeze he has put on kicking out freeloaders has undoubtedly done its damage. He just does not want to let go of the billions of dollars because it makes him feel powerful. He is willing to kill of the remaining housing market to socialize the state.

Laurie David is one that noted, “That promise has not been kept. This extension would not be necessary if we had competent leadership ensuring the state and local governments were distributing rental assistance funds to tenants and housing providers in an expedited manner.”

Republicans want to distribute all the money to those that need it the most. The conservatives know that helping people means giving them the money that they need. People do not want to be told help is coming. They want to see the check-in in their mailboxes.

Newsom has done a great job killing the state. The corrupt man locked down people so much that he put them under his boot. He forced them to depend on him for their everyday needs in life. Newsom is close to having a socialist state to rule.

The Democrats cry that ending the rent payment program would hurt Californians. But they fail to realize that Newsom has already done the damage. All he had to do was open the state up in 2020 and let people get on with their lives. And they would have taken care of their financial needs themselves. But the Democrats live in a fictional world where they believe they must interfere with people, or they will starve to death.

Californians are going to have fun recalling Newsom. His reluctance to work for the people only proves that he is selfish and negligent in his duties as a governor.