NJ Dem Finally Concedes to GOP Truck Driver, Admitting a Red Wave…

By Virrage Images/shutterstock.com
By Virrage Images/shutterstock.com

As you likely know by now, the Democratic Party has suffered some rather substantial losses recently.

In Virginia, the once-popular Democrat Terry McAuliffe was defeated by governor-elect Republican Glenn Youngkin. Additionally, both the lieutenant governor and state attorney general’s offices were flipped to red. And the Democratic majority in the Commonwealth’s House of representatives was also taken and given to the GOP.

Similarly, in New Jersey, a very blue state typically, recent elections have made a major splash. While the governorship was kept in Democratic hands, it narrowly did so. But the biggest upset so far was the election of former truck driver and Republican Edward Durr to the Garden States’ Senate, kicking out long-time senator and Senate President Stephen Sweeney.

Sweeney had held the office since 2002 and had been the legislative house’s leader since 2010.

And yet, this no-name trucker, literally, just came in and stole his seat. Well, it wasn’t stolen. As every news outlet in the nation can attest to, the election was won fair and square, with the majority of voters checking the box beside Durr’s name instead of Sweeney.

The election was held on Tuesday, November 2, as is usual, and by that evening, it was pretty clear that Durr had won. However, Sweeney refused to concede, holding out for some miracle to happen. It did not.

Here we are a full week later, and Sweeney is finally admitting that he lost.

According to the Associated Press, the concession was made on Wednesday in Trenton during a press conference.

Sweeney said, “I of course accept the results. I want to congratulate Mr. Durr and wish him the best of luck.” He then added, “It was a red wave.”

And indeed, it was.

Much like in Virginia, Republican voters showed up in droves to let their dissatisfaction with current leadership and the way of doing things be heard.

Even Sweeney could not deny it. During his time in front of reporters, he said that the state’s voters obviously want and need someone who is willing to stand up for their hardworking ways and to give them a way to provide for their families, as well as speak “directly to the concerns of all voters.” And while Sweeney didn’t say that he was no longer that person, the fact that he said what he did is an admission that the people are not being represented as well as they should be.

Instead of choosing a life-long politician and someone who’s clearly a part of the establishment of the Democratic party, they chose someone who wasn’t afraid of hard work, who had been where they are at, and who knows the value of a dollar.

Durr explained that in no way, shape, or form did he ever really expect to win. And the fact that they did is a bit “overwhelming.” He even mentioned feeling like he was going to get sick.

Still, he’s “very happy that the voters selected me. I’m going to earn that vote, and I’m going to prove them right.”

However, he’s already proved that he’s far different from his predecessor. While Sweeney spent a whopping $305,000 on his re-election campaign, Durr only spent around $2,300. And most of that was spent on business cards, flyers, and donuts, he said.

Instead of creating massive ads or TV commercials, Durr’s campaign focused mainly on knocking on doors, literally, meeting the community and its members.

He also made a rather large point how he didn’t approve of how the state’s Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, just barely re-elected, was running things. In particular, he has a problem with Murphy’s acceptance and enforcement of Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

He told the people shortly after being named as the senator-elect, “The voters have spoken. They don’t want government rule by a dangerous guy armed with a bunch of executive orders.”

It’s important to note that while Murphy has been named the winner of the gubernatorial race, some suspect the race may not have been all that fair. And his opponent, Republican Jack Ciattarelli, has yet to concede in the hopes that something will overturn the current results.