North Korea Spouts Off About Its ‘Invincible Power’

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The problem Democrats, socialists, liberals, and their constituents all have is that they begin to believe their propaganda at some point. The Democrats believe that they have all the answers and can somehow control the lives of every person they rule. While the socialists and all the others related to them think that no power exists that can stand against their mighty presence. And North Korea is living proof that the pursuit of power corrupts and blinds people into thinking they are invincible.

Kim Jong Un is a man that has to believe that he is the most powerful man on the planet. His little missile tests have given him a new lease on life and have led him to think that his country has some power that no one else in the world will be able to take away from him.

As reported by Newsbreak, his state media stated that North Korea has an “invincible power that the world cannot ignore and no one can touch.”

The communist regime thinks that they are so powerful that no one in their right mind will ever be able to rechallenge them. The fallacy of perfected power has blinded Kim Jong Un to believe that he is secure from attack. And for him to think that he has something that no one else can take away from him is wishful thinking.

The power that Kim Jong Un is speaking about is nuclear power. He believes that now he can target places around the world and that he is omnipotent. His thirst for power has led him on a fools’ quest to find a means of securing what he sees as the perfect mix of power and authority. And now that he believes his propaganda, he can sit back and think no one can take it away from him.

Kim Jong Un is expected to show his power at a parade that will show off all his mighty weapons. The sad part about the fallacy he has adopted is that one big missile from another country would be enough to wipe North Korea off the map. And no amount of military strutting would ever be enough to keep it from happening.

Newsbreak also reported that “A report by state news agency KCNA on Sunday listed the history of North Korea’s military achievements, from its battles against the United States in the 1950-1953 Korean War and smaller skirmishes throughout the Cold War to the 2010 bombardment of South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island, which hit both military and civilian targets.”

The North Korean dictator looks back at the history of his country and sees only victories against more significant nations. And from that, he concludes that he is a force that no one wants to mess with.

The North Korean media promoted the notion that Kim Jong Un’s genius is what got the tiny country to where it stands today. The media willfully feeds the crazy man’s ego to the point that the dictator puts himself high up on a pedestal full of pomp and pride. The only thing missing is a great fall that usually comes with pompous pride.

The nation is expected to parade 20,000 troops and its Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile. The prideful dictator wants the world to see that he has a missile that can reach around the world.

Reports from satellites show that North Korean troops are already practicing their goose-stepping marches. They are practicing marching information. The last thing they need is for one to be out of step and embarrass the crazy dictator.

Kim Jong Un is the perfect example of what a person becomes when they believe their propaganda. The lust for power corrupts every person and party that willfully pursues it. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are not exceptions to the rule. Their thirst for power pushes them to do things that break the law and ruin people’s lives trying to provide for their families.