Nuclear Bombs Discovered Being Transported Across Europe

Dmitry Kalinovsky/

The war in Ukraine is causing a lot of anxiety and other issues for people living on two continents. The reluctance of Joe Biden to get involved and push Russia back across the border has encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to think that there is no one able to stop him from pushing deeper into Ukraine. But as the war presses on, other nations are preparing for the worst-case scenario: nuclear war.

Putin has already warned of consequences should any other nation try and stop his selfish exploits. That mentality has led to discovering a convoy being seen in Scotland carrying nuclear warheads. The movement of nuclear arms concerns Putin, and he has reportedly raised the alarm for his nuclear forces to be ready in case of an attack.

The Daily Wire found that The Daily Mail reported putting his nuclear forces on high alert following his invasion.

“The convoy was carrying up to six nuclear warheads only a mile south of Glasgow city centre, heading to Royal Naval Armaments Depot Coulport on Loch Long, according to NukeWatch, an organization that tracks and monitors the convoys that transport the UK’s Trident nuclear warheads.”

Jane Tallents is a Nukewatech UK Campaigner, and she stated that “I think there were four warhead carriers, I believe. Our reckoning is that each of those trucks can carry two but one of the trucks is empty as a spare in case [sic] breaks down. So if there’s four, we expect there to be six warheads, or up to six warheads anyway.”

Great Britain will not wait until the war is knocking on their shores like what happened in World War II. Putin is making moves like Adolf Hitler did decades ago. His vision of ruling the world fueled his lust for power. And Putin has the same look in his eye as Hitler did. He will not stop unless he is forced back into his cave.

Tallents mentioned that the weapons were probably just being worked on. They are being moved into position, so they will be ready if the time comes for them to be launched. But people do not haul around nuclear weapons in mass to work on them.

Putin has his eyes on the west as his next target. He needs the minerals of Ukraine to fuel his exploits in phase two of his quest for world power. Joe Biden has been his biggest supporter by removing the sanctions on the companies building the Russian pipeline that will enslave Europe into using Russian oil to heat their homes and power their cars.

The pipeline will give Russia leverage against any outside interference in their maneuvers. And the world has Joe Biden to thank for the trouble. He cannot find it within himself to stand with his fellow citizens and allies. He has to keep right on aligning himself with tyranny and wickedness.

Russian forces have been killing innocent people for over a month. They keep on targeting civilian areas with no thought of the devastation and horrors they create for their victims.

Putin blames NATO for his heightened war alert and the movement of nuclear arms in other countries. He believes that he has the right to invade and take what he wants from other people. And anyone that attempts to stop him is at fault for what he will do next.

The war is taking its toll on Putin and his forces. He will rely on his nuclear armaments to keep people from doing any action against his weakened country. But there is one thing that he can count on, and it is Joe Biden’s support.

Biden may act like he is against the war, but his inability to stop Putin like Donald Trump could is just another failure that he can add to his long list of screwups. The world is in a time of uncertainty, and Joe Biden deserves all the credit.