NY Terrorist Gets 15 Years for Making Bombs to Kill

The terrible terrorist is Asia Siddiqui. She would shop online for ways to make the bombs and go to Home Depot to find what she needed. Federal agents took her into custody, and she pleaded guilty to betraying her country. For Islamic people, their first loyalty is to their religion. They consider the country they live in to be their enemies if the country is not of Muslim order.

Now Siddiqui gets to spend the next 15 years of her pathetic life in prison where she belongs. She gave up everything for the purpose of terrorism. In some strange and twisted fashion, she believes that her entrance to heaven depends on how many people she can kill.

When a person becomes so twisted in their mind to believe that murder is the way to heaven, they deserve way worse than prison. Prosecutors stated that she “followed and expressed a violent, warped version of Islam which, in their view, demanded that they teach each other and learn how to build a bomb.” Siddiqui and her accomplice modeled their beliefs after Al Qaeda and the teachings of their beloved Khan.

Siddiqui admitted that she wanted to kill law enforcement officers and governmental employees. Her warped and perverted mind came out in a poem that the prosecutors quoted in the court filing that she believed that she could “taste[s] the Truth through fists and slit throats” and that there is “[n]o excuse to sit back and wait — for the skies rain martyrdom.”

They also said that “Had they succeeded in executing a bombing like the prior terrorist attacks they repeatedly discussed and celebrated, the result would have been catastrophic.”

Siddiqui and her accomplice believed that their planned attacks were to be glorious and worth celebrating. But federal agents came to the rescue and put the two idiots behind bars. In an attempt to capture them the agents used an undercover agent to dupe the petty women into trusting them.

The agent made recordings of their activities and caught them in the act. These two wannabe terrorists were so gullible that they gave away their plans before they could act on them. As the agents gained access to the women’s homes they found a ton of devices that were to be used as tools for bomb-making. They would find things like propane tanks, soldering tools, machetes and murderous literature used to fuel their lust for killing.

Richard P. Donoghue who is an attorney for New York stated “Lives were saved when the defendants’ plot to detonate a bomb in a terrorist attack was thwarted by the tireless efforts of law enforcement. This is precisely the reason why countering terrorism remains the highest priority of the Department of Justice, and working with the FBI, the NYPD and our Joint Terrorism Task Force partners, we will continue to do everything possible to stay steps ahead of aspiring terrorists and their evil plans to harm Americans.”

Siddiqui’s attorneys were saying that they had no plot, but their own admission was that they had one and were acting on it. One of the lousy defense attorneys stated that “To construct a bomb from what Ms. Siddiqui had in her basement would have required the expertise of the fictional MacGuyver, and the claim that she was going to independently build her own explosive device is equally fictional.”

This sad attorney came to actually believe that the terrorist was innocent. The attorney had been brained washed by the fake promises of the Islamic religion.