NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants More Gun Laws To Stop Criminals


When things go bad, we all need someone to blame. In Chicago Mayor Lightfoot blames shop owners for being robbed. San Francisco blames too many police and then realizes it’s not enough. In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams blames a lack of gun laws. Mind you, NY as a state has the 3rd most restrictive gun rights according to Every Town Research. NYC takes it to a whole new level to go above and beyond.

This idea is coming on the heels of a shooting of two of NY’s finest- 22-year-old Jason Rivera died, and 27-year-old Wilbert Moore is in critical condition. 47-year-old Lashawn McNeil is alleged to have shot the due after they gave chase on him down a long hallway. A third and unidentified officer shot McNeil who is also hospitalized in critical condition. According to Fox News McNeil was on probation for a 2003 narcotics arrest at the time time of the shooting.

In response to the shootings, Mayor Adams sent out two tweets about the gun laws. “There are no gun manufacturers in our city. How are we removing thousands of guns off our streets and somehow they still find their way into the hands of killers? We need Washington to act now to stop the flow of weapons into our cities… We are all witnesses. To gun violence. To these murders. To the failures of leaders who have allowed these killers to get ahold of guns.”

Mayor Adams, how little you know. How little you have learned. Guns are not the problem in NYC or anywhere. It’s a problem with the quality of people and their mental health. Guns are harder to get in your city than nearly anywhere else. People cannot arm themselves easily, or legally in many cases. So, in turn, they are left defenseless while the criminals you give so many chances to flout the laws and get them.

If you want to fix the gun problem, you need to take new tactics. Let’s face facts. Criminals do not care about laws, rules, or regulations. Gun-free zones don’t stop them. Neither does a lack of access to guns in the first place. Where there is a will, there is a way. They will rob, cheat, and steal to get the gun or to get the money/goods to get the gun. It will never be through a legal channel. Why leave traces of their steps?

For true change to happen one of two things would need to happen. Stricter penalties for gun crimes would be a great idea. People tend to be intimidated when they find out it’s not just 5-10 and out in 2.5 years with good behavior but a minimum of 50 years before parole becomes an idea. The second thing would be the loosening of gun laws so people can easily carry, and you now don’t know who is packing and who isn’t. While it may make the old ladies clutch their pearls in public, it’s a deterrent to most criminals who do not know if the old lady has a pistol or not.

A third or fourth option for less gun problems does not exist. While the progressive left loves to try to say we should be like Australia and confiscate all guns and destroy them, it will never happen. We are not an island, and even they still get guns over there for a variety of reasons. Their laws and ways of doing things just do not fit the bill for America, and we need to find a practical answer. Not just an answer that doesn’t punish those causing the problems in the first place.