Obama Blasted By His Own Over Remarks

Obama is quickly finding out that the new standard of liberalism is too much for him. The current mainstream liberal has crossed a line that even some Democrats are puking over. Obama has warned the 2020 candidates that they should not go to the extreme left. But they are not listening.

The god of the Democrats is speaking and his subjects are rebelling. The warning came in front of a bunch of liberal donors that have a lot of money. In other words, Democrats if you get too liberal, your god Obama is not going to let his wealthy donors support you.

But watching the current run of candidates is just blasting Obama in the face. They are not listening to him because each one of them thinks that their way is the way to their wonderful utopia.

Each Democrat is so far removed from the people and what the nation wants that it is making people sick to think that they are the best that the Democrats have to offer. So much so that some older stupid Democrats have had to get in on the race just to try to have a slim chance at beating President Trump in 2020.

Obama is a scared little kid hoping that his beloved wacko baby Democrats can hold themselves together through another election cycle. They had to cheat in 2016 just to lose and now everyone is waiting to see what they will do in the next 12 months to try to win.

So far everything that they have done towards the president has backfired in their faces. The older generation of Democrats programed the younger generation and what has emerged is nothing like they ever imagined. They are so liberal that socialism is becoming the trademark of the party.

Each one of the candidates is having to do things their way. Obama has seen his good for nothing legacy being demolished by his party. The candidates are having to choose between pushing on the older generation version of healthcare that has proven to be illegal. Or, come up with a new system that would be completely different.

But regardless of what some candidates have said, many are choosing to blast Obama out of their way and do their own thing. What they will find is that the majority of the voting population does not want what they have to offer.

Obama took no waste of time to blast out at the absurd approach that he believes Sanders and Warren are promoting. Their view of the future of America is not freedom but tyranny at the hands of the socialist regime.

In some kind of twisted fashion, he has tried to tell the candidates to outperform his achievements, which is not that hard. But Sanders and Warren continue to move without even acknowledging their once beloved god.

Sanders and Warren had stated with their actions that they do not listen to others let alone Obama. It is a slap in his face to have his party turn their back on him. Obama went on to say that “I don’t think we should be deluded into thinking that the resistance to certain approaches to things is simply because voters haven’t heard a bold enough proposal and if they hear something as bold as possible then immediately that’s going to activate them.”

When is he going to learn that no one cares what he thinks anymore? He is an Islamic terrorist supporter and the more he speaks the more hatred is going to be funneled his way.

On Democratic chairwoman from New Hampshire blasted Obama and said “If you talk to the voters they don’t feel the need for another candidate. We haven’t been sitting around in New Hampshire saying we need a hero to come and rescue us.”

She is saying to leave them alone Obama. They don’t need you to destroy themselves. They are already doing a good job at that themselves. The younger Democrats have proved that they do not want any person telling them what to do. They have their own agenda, and they will stop at nothing to see that they are implemented sometime in the future.