Obama Can’t Let Go: He Insists on Throwing in His Two Cents on George Floyd

The death of George Floyd was tragic. It was about an innocent man and a corrupt cop. It doesn’t need to be racist. There are plenty of white cops who are just as angry at what happened as many other innocent black men out there.

Riots in the streets across America have become the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. While everyone is dealing with what it means and how to move forward, the country doesn’t need any fuel being added to the fire.

However, former President Obama has decided that the world needs to hear his two cents. He has issued a formal “statement” on the death of George Floyd.

In his statement, Obama talked about some of the conversations that he had with friends about the footage of George Floyd and how he died face down on a street in Minnesota, under the knee of a white police officer.

He explained how one email was from an African American businessman who cried upon seeing the video. It went on to say that the “knee on the neck” was a metaphor of how the “system” holds black folks down. Another was from a 12-year-old who sang about the frustrations.

Somehow, Obama thinks that sharing all of these stories is going to make things better. Does he hope to identify with those who are scared to leave their homes every day? Does he think that identifying that millions of Americans are treated differently daily on “account of race” is going to help racism going away?

Obama goes on to say that being treated differently is “normal” regardless of whether it’s interacting with the criminal justice system or healthcare.

He explains that this shouldn’t be normal in 2020. No one is disagreeing. However, does he need to issue a formal statement like this to the world? It’s almost as if he’s highlighting that racism still exists – and while it’s already known, he wants to shine a light on it. Many believe that the country was heavily divided while he was in office because of his color. He was a proud black man and liked to talk about the racial divide. Rather than working to close the divide, he managed to crack it wide open.

Obama might need a friendly nudge or reminder that he’s not the president anymore. For someone who says he has no desire to go back into politics, he certainly likes to share his comments on current events with great pride.

Now, he’s calling on all men and women in law enforcement to ensure that the “legacy of bigotry” doesn’t infect society, and a new normal needs to be created.

Obama doesn’t need to make a big deal out of this. His thoughts are his own, but to share them so openly is almost as if to say that he cares more than others because he’s been a black man in power. Most Americans felt sorrow and anger. AG Barr was shocked and angry over the events. So was President Trump.

Here’s what too many Democrats don’t realize. Obama is simply highlighting the shortcomings of the Democratic Party. The areas where there is the most black violence include Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, and other large cities. Obama and the rest of the DNC have focused so heavily on identity politics, and it has spilled out onto the streets. The cities where the violence is occurring is where Democrats have been ruling for decades.

In a time where the fires of racism need to be extinguished, Obama decided to pour a full tank of gasoline onto it and walk away. He wanted to share his thoughts, which only highlighted the issues. He wanted to identify that racism hurts and that every black person experiences racism on a daily basis. Thanks, Obama, you’re not sharing anything new. However, you’ve got people riled up again, but that was your point all along.